Fun Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys enjoy getting holiday gifts as much as anyone else. However, they usually don’t get much of a thrill from the extravagant wrapping paper or the sparkly bow. Use your creativity while taking a more practical route this year and present that special teen in your life with a holiday gift in a package that he will remember and appreciate.

Wrap His Gift in Comic Book Paper. Is your special teen a fan of comic books? A book, DVD or CD will fit nicely in or two pages from a comic book. Wrap the gift so that a very appealing picture is on the outside of the gift and can be easily identified. A festive bow in the corner finishes off the gift nicely and makes a very fun and personal presentation. He will love that you found a way to incorporate his passion into this year’s gift exchange.

A Sports Duffel Nicely Holds Large Holiday Gifts. If your young man is an active participant in sports, he can surely use a brand new duffel bag to cart his equipment to games and practices. Layer several sheets of holiday tissue paper on the bottom of the bag and layer the gifts inside neatly. Use a curly piece of ribbon to tie the handles together and make a loopy bow. A practical and useful sports bag will surely be much appreciated and be used for far longer than a generic holiday gift bag.

Cover the Gift in a Long Sleeve Sports Tee. Does that teenager spend most of his weekends camped out in front of the television watching his favorite sports team? Purchase a long sleeved shirt that bears the team logo and place his holiday gifts in the widest part of the tee. Roll in the sleeves and the waist to make a tube and tie it all off with a holiday ribbon. Sports fans never have enough clothing that advertises allegiance to their favorite team, so the shirt will definitely be worn time and time again.

Support His Love of Music. A sturdy case to carry his guitar, violin or saxophone will surely be a wonderful asset to the teenage musician in your life. Instrument cases get banged around and dented from constantly being moved from location to another. Presenting his holiday gifts in a brand new and quality case is a very thoughtful way to celebrate his passion and talent for music and will definitely be used and appreciated for many years to come.

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