Genderese, the White Spider

On a new earth-like planet thousands of aeons away from Earth, children were sitting around a hologram of a campfire and a park ranger telling a story: “Many aeons ago, there was a planet called Earth that looked just like this one. It was originally made a Paradise. There was an entity that called genderself the One that created a race of mankind with freewill. They had been made in the image of genderself likeness. There were animals of all sorts that were on this Earth long before these mankind were created. Dinosaurs to robotic creatures that were part animalese and part computerse. These animals ran on fluids left over from waste left behind by mankind. Quite innovative I’d tell ya. There also was a race of mankind with what seemed to be wings. Stories abound that these creatures were genderless and absolutely beautiful and perfect originally. You all have heard the story of the first people that were thrown out of this Paradise, the Great Flood, the destruction of the Tower of Babel, the birth and eventual murder of a Great Teacher and Mosaic Law being done away all the way to the time the most evil creature that walked the Heavens or Earth ever was thrown out of the Heavens and when genderself landed on Earth. Genderself proceeded to turn mankind against itself. Mankind had absolutely no love for others except for oneself, was hungry for those green rectangle objects called money, did everything to excess almost destroying Earth in the process.

Save for a handful of mankind that did all they could to remain faithful to the One in all aspects and worked very hard to educate the masses on the importance of recycling, gardening, creating a race of mixed humanese, animalese and roboticese creatures that will take over once mankind, the original mankind was wiped out by its own kind including the animals that were hunted to extinction. Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun was darkened, and the moon never gave its light as well as the stars falling down from the heavens above. The powers from the heavens were shaken and the Great Teacher appeared up there when mankind started to lament when angels sounding a sound that sounded like a trumpet, felt like the boom boom of an amp they came forth from the four winds, from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity. Asteroids were pounding the Earth out of nowhere. It snuck in like a thief of the night.

For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, there will be earthquakes in one place after another, there will be food shortages. These are a beginning of pangs of distress. A third of Earth was burned up by the hail and fire brought forth by the asteroids. Just before each asteroid hit, there was a huge thunderous roar sounded up there in the heavens. A sound barrier had been breached. We had no time to flee to safety. There were seven of those asteroids. Each time an asteroid hit, a third of something disappeared. From islands, mountains, animals on land, animals in water, animals flying in the air, vegetation, the light and the darkness as well as all of mankind left on earth disappeared. The asteroid was invisible. We had no warning; no radar announcements of the foreign object coming or any evidence left behind that it was actually an asteroid. Sound like boom boom was the only warning we had. And for most of us, it was the last.

In these last days left on Earth, the weather was unspeakably fierce. Islands disappeared forever from tsunamis and earthquakes broke up landmasses creating new islands. These islands lasted only a short time. Mountains just crumbled into dust. Life was forever changed by these asteroids and flying stars. Heavens opened up exposing the black galaxies that lay beyond Earth’s reach. Wormholes sucked what was blown up and about by the weather patterns. The ocean floors became visible when the oceans dried up. What was left of mankind struggled with picking up the pieces of their lives. There were no bones to bury, no decaying animals. You could see that Earth was slowly changing, from utter destruction caused by mankind’s waste and excess materialism and greed. The survivors called themselves Genderese. We were no longer marked by labels that separated us from boy or girl; disabled or normal; black or white; rich or poor, and faith or faithless. We are the product of that handful few that survived the tribulation. They had the hindsight to store up heirloom seeds, DNA components of each nation and animal including bones of those too long gone to see or save. And manufactured robotic components into them so that they will survive the asteroid attacks and as earth replenished itself, so would mankind and animal.

All of those that ended in -ese have gone into dormant sleep. They will not awaken again because the One has promised this will never happen again. Genderself did promise that when genderself told that man from the Great Flood that it will not happen again. We are free of the pollution that has containments such as uncleanness, strife, jealously, fits of anger, divisions, sects, envies, and drunken bouts, excess revelries, guns, warfare, anything that can harm anyone as this fire you see in the hologram are all gone. No more mass faith establishments, no more government run by mankind, no more political stances, rulers or campaigns. We are now pure and free from pollution of worlds past. We have our own keyless homes, we grow our own food and we are very organized. Lions and lambs, children and cobra snakes all play side by side free from fear. Those asteroids saved us and our homes. The ones that we lost that we loved have come back free of the defects that came with having freewill. This new earth is our responsibility to maintain and to take care of it. We all share it. There will be no more illness, tears, pain or loss. We are able to be our true spiritual self with awareness and knowledge that can only exist as is.

History is just that. History. There is no need to learn it and only if we wish to study what, whom, where, and why it has a cause to an effect as a means to an ending or a beginning. We will now begin our learning.”

Outside, the weather was cloudy and has a pending rain coming to supply the earthlike planet with nourishment for growth and drinking. Dusting of lights will come down to supply the crystals with a power source as there is no longer harmful lightning. Animals and people frolicked among one another for the evening play. Sleep comes soon down in the thick lush grassy plains or at home in a hammock, a bed or the couch. In the space of the earthlike planets orbiting while rotating in between climates of nourishment and contentment, there lies a field of asteroids and the now dormant -eses. Robotic creatures that were created to help replenish earth are now on the outer planets enjoying their life of rest.

Happy are the people that have never known the worlds of old and like the white spider gloriously smelling the flower without fear of being slapped to death just for being a spider. It poses prettily for the photographer.

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