Get a Facial

You have to get a facial if you want to clean your skin. This is done under the care of a professional cosmetologist. They will clean, exfoliate, steam and extract impurities from your face. Everything a cosmetologist does during a facial session is good for getting rid of dirt and correcting any problems on your skin.

During a facial session, a cosmetologist will diagnose your skin and recommend treatments that are right for you. This is simply done by clarifying any type of deficiencies like oily skin or acne. They then will proceed to correct the problem with soaps and creams designed for your skin type. They use dermatologist approved ingredients to treat your skin. Using a scientifically tested product helps to assure that you are getting good results during your cleaning.

Steam is used during a facial to relax tension in the skin. The pores on your face will open and release trapped dirt with the steam. It is scientifically proven that steam kills bacteria and germs on the skin. Once the steaming session is finished the cosmetologist will wash the steamed area to pick up dirt from the skin.

To finish the facial, a clay mask is applied if you request it. You can ask about using clay masks to extract toxins from the pores. If you don’t like clay treatments the final step will include a astrigent. Astrigent is used to remove residual dirt and oil that soap may have left behind. There are liquid and cream forms of astrigents.

Now your skin will look and feel clean. You will now be able to show the world your new polished look. Celebrities, movie stars and many public figures are not born with great skin so they have people who maintain their image. Most celebrities have a person on call to perform facials when they have a problem with their skin. This can be as simple as a breakout or a sun burn. Hollywood cast do not talk about their facial sessions to keep people wondering how they manage to have good looking skin.

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