Getting Ready for Super Bowl 2012

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching. There is one looming question many men will face other than which teams will face off at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Feb. 5, 2012. That question is “how much of a hard time will my significant other give me about another entire Sunday dedicated to football?” This is the time to do some preparation to avoid any clashing off the field before the big day. In general, there are a handful of reasons women do not get as excited about football as men do. Once you overcome these pesky objectives, Sundays will take on a whole new meaning for football lovers across the country.

· Take a few hours to patiently explain the general rules of the game before Feb. 5. Be prepared for questions.

Let’s face it, guys get inundated with games, highlights, recaps, strategies and predictions their entire lives. As an American male, a man is expected to know the rules of the game as well as some clever statistical data. Growing up, women are not given a basic rundown of the rules of the game. To them, watching a football game is like watching a foreign film with no subtitles.

· Surprise your girl with a nice football jersey tailored for women (and matching ear rings would be nice)!

Having a new outfit to wear makes any occasion more exciting to a girl. It will help motivate her to understand that Super Bowl Sunday is a special occasion worth looking forward to. In addition, it will create a sense of team spirit and encourage her to take ownership over one of the teams.

· Take part in the planning and preparation of game day snacks.

Any event is less enticing when there is a lot of work involved. Part of the experience of this iconic day is having an array of delicious food to eat throughout the game. By preparing the food beforehand and sharing the workload, everyone can enjoy the game without the stress of staying in the kitchen the entire time making sure the snacks keep coming.

· Make a few friendly bets.

Print out one of the dozens of Super Bowl prediction games off of the Internet. Some of the questions include “who will make the first touchdown?” and “who will win the coin toss?” The bets can be favors to be collected the week after the game such as a nice foot massage. Make sure there are questions that will be answered throughout the entire game. This will keep everyone interested.

· After the game, help with the cleanup.

With the game starting at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, it will not be over until late Sunday night. Make plans to stay up and clean the mess. This will not leave a bad memory in her mind that will haunt you for Super Bowls to come.

Making Super Bowl 2012 exciting will leave her eagerly anticipating the start of the regular football season. It may surprise football fans that by following a few simple techniques, football season 2012 will be a whole new ballgame!

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