Getting Your MBA at Aspen University

Founded in 1960, Aspen University is a co-ed, private school that conducts most of its classes on-line. Located in Aspen, Colorado, this university is nationally and regionally accredited. With an open admittance policy, this university is a top choice for many students whose grade point average fell lower than average.

Programs at Aspen

While you may be more focused on getting your MBA at Aspen University, there are a number of other opportunities for potential students to take advantage of. Aspen boasts of a number of on-line degrees in project management, addictions counseling, technology management, nursing, business and criminal justice. Within the MBA program at Aspen University, you will find a number of sub-specialties such as project management, finance and entrepreneurship. A masters degree program typically costs about 8,000 dollars if you pay up front-it costs about fifty percent more if you pay on a class by class basis.

Applying at Aspen

Applying at Aspen is a fairly simple process. Just turn in your application, resume and statement of purpose. For masters and doctorate programs, you also have to send in your college transcript to show that you have a degree. The school gets back to you within a few weeks and classes start several times a month. You can choose to do either an interactive course or a correspondence course. The interactive courses have more of a set time table while the correspondence course can be completed at your own pace over a longer period of time. If you are getting your MBA at Aspen University, you can expect it to take a year to two years. There are about 13 classes in the curriculum that you are expected to take. The normal time for a class to be completed is two months, but if you have extra time or finish early you can speed up the degree process. Try taking several classes at once and you can complete your degree even faster.

Started by the International Academy in the 1960s, Aspen University has spent most of its history providing quality education in information management. One of the first colleges to step into the role of being a distance education provider, Aspen has demonstrated a commitment to provide quality education at a fair price. For those who are focused on getting your MBA at Aspen University, you will find the process to be a difficult, but enjoyable one. Learning at Aspen University can take place around your work schedule making school life and your career meld easily into one another.


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