Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters

Those that enjoy television shows on the paranormal are more than likely familiar with Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. In both shows, investigators search for evidence of spirits and life after death. One tries to debunk claims of ghostly apparitions and happenings before drawing conclusions, while the other tries to aggressively seek it out, often provoking and taunting demons and spirits in the netherworld. Although vastly different in their methods and procedures, they both feature very good investigators that put out top-rate shows. Read on for the differences between Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, and draw your conclusion. Which show do you like the best?

Ghost Adventures and their Aggressive Tactics

When it comes to the paranormal, Ghost Adventures is at the top of the list, at least my DVR list and my listing of shows on the paranormal. Their program is never boring, and they never bother with possible hauntings. The places they investigate are some of the most haunted places in the world. They often encounter demonic forces, and they take a lot of chances in more ways than one. This is why they are by far my favorite.

The guys from Ghost Adventures are completely real, and the evidence they record is phenomenal. Their style is unique, ballsy and entertaining. They do not compare to hunters of any variety. These guys are more than hunters. They are explorers and gatherers, and the footage they gather proves that life goes on beyond the physical body. It also proves the existence of a dark side. Nick, Aaron and Zak can be compared to the explorers of centuries past, and as technology is developed and improved upon, they will solve one of the last great mysteries – the mystery of life after death and more. These guys use the latest and greatest equipment for touching base with another part of our world that we cannot usually hear or see.

Ghost Hunters and their Desire to Help

The men and women of Ghost Hunters have a completely different style, but they also regularly produce excellent evidence. Unlike the adventures of Nick, Zak and Aaron, these people do not aggressively taunt, and they do not call out demons. Although they have encountered spirits that could be demonic, they usually help homeowners, business owners and employees figure out if a particular structure or place is truly haunted. The investigators from Ghost Hunters typically use digital recorders, cameras, video recorders, flashlights and K2 meters to record evidence. Their show is interesting and entertaining, but it is like comparing Lawrence Welk to David Draiman of Disturbed.

Just Beyond the Gates of Heaven and Hell

Imagine the people from Ghost Hunters combining forces with the guys from Ghost Adventures. It would never work. When Jason would tell the adventures guys it was time to wrap things up and turn on the lights, Zak, Nick and Aaron would keep on going. The hunters would not be able to unlock the doors! The places that Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate do not usually even have lights. You will not hear bubbly elevator-style music on their show, and they do not often work in pairs.

The guys of Ghost Adventures will continue their searching until they gather the ultimate in evidence, and they are the guys that will likely break on through to this other dimension where life goes on and good and evil abound. This imperceptible place is right here on Earth, but ironically it just lies beyond the gates of heaven and hell.

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