Gift Ideas for Gemini Men and Women

Geminis, according to their zodiac sign are ruled by the Mercury and symbolized by twins. Naturally blessed with certain unique characteristics, they’ve managed to carve a name for themselves and are happy with their share of the sky and the Earth. There are numerous similarities between the Gemini male and female in terms of nature and personality. This fact, generally speaking, puts them on the same platform highlighting the wonders that they are. And when it’s time to celebrate these wonders on their special days, one needs to be innovative and thoughtful with Gemini gifts. This is an art, and when our gifts complement the receiver’s persona, we take a step towards mastering it.

A Gemini lady is a child at heart, playful and cheery. She lets her imagination fly and refuses to be pinned down by the world. She’s a social butterfly and charms her audience with intelligent conversation. This trait reflects in the personality of her male counterpart too who tends to be the focal point of all parties and events. A Gemini male is smart and versatile; often friendly and witty. He can also talk about anything under the sun. Bearing a dual personality, he is many men in one package. He loves change and comes across as impatient. The Gemini lady too loves surprise and spontaneity. Both welcome mental stimulation and connect warmly with intelligent people.

Gifts for Gemini women include items that enhance her communication skills and spark her imagination. This holds true for the male as well. Both the man and the lady would appreciate a latest gadget that is technology savvy. So, a newly launched mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, notebook etc is a good idea. For the man you could also think about video games based on soccer and other sports. Since both have a restless nature, they would benefit from a mind focusing activity like a challenging jigsaw puzzle, a course on origami or a yoga training session. Both the sexes enjoy variety in life, so a mixed bag of goodies instead of a single gift would prove to be a pleasant surprise and an asset to them.

While gifting, one needs to have an open mind and be willing to experiment with different ideas. Has the idea of gifting the Geminis an outdoor party full of games and activities crossed your mind? That’s what is meant by an open and agile mind! For the Gemini this could be really meaningful and they are sure to cherish the spirit behind the gift. Another gift idea for both of them would be thought provoking books on a wide range of topics. This would satisfy their perpetual quest for knowledge and provide a boost to their communication skills.

A Gemini lady is a gracious hostess and would walk the extra mile to pamper you with her finest chinaware and silver cutlery. So, giving her beautiful dishes or an elegant tea service would make for thoughtful gifts. Wine glasses with hand painted designs or crystal platters will also make her feel special. A fun cooking session would also suit her fine. Some other suitable gifts would be high thread count bedspreads, a magazine subscription and of course jewelry! No woman can deny the thrill of owning a a unique handcrafted piece, be it a bracelet or a brooch, a neck piece or a pair of earrings, a signature ring or a pendant with her initials inscribed on it…gifting jewelry is always a safe and sound option.

Gift ideas for Gemini men are more male oriented. A blueprint pen and matching business card, a flying experience, a hot air balloon ride, a karaoke machine, latest software based games, science fiction movies and the like form good and viable gift options. Besides, a chic leather wallet or a limited edition watch are great gifts too as they suit the bohemian nature of this Gemini wonder male. He’s that guy who will always be there for you, not necessarily though with you.

Gifting is a beautiful feeling, it helps people connect and express love and gratitude for those held dear. One needs to exercise imagination and apply it right. Deciding gifts for Geminis is a journey in itself, an opportunity to explore their world and expand our hearts. Happy hunting!

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