‘Give Us Rest,’ the Last and Final Album of the David Crowder Band

“We have talked about the band as a sentence, and now, we are at the end of the sentence. It’s time to put a period on it. But after the full stop, it will be time to write a new sentence. And I hope the best sentence is yet to be written.” These are the words of David Crowder during his interview with Worship Leader Magazine . Sadly, the time has come for the David Crowder band to say goodbye to their time together and move on to the next thing. While they’re not telling what the ‘next thing’ might be, the band has left a great legacy of music over the course of the twelve years they have been together. How fitting, then, that their final album is a requiem: “Give Us Rest Or (a Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of Keys]).”

I’ll miss the David Crowder Band. I have always been intrigued by their music, their sound, their passion for the Savior, and by that beard. One of the first albums that I ever heard form DC*B was “Sunsets and Sushi.” I recall it being an eclectic mix of songs that pushed the boundaries in the Christian Pop Genre. I liked it. What I liked even more about the David Crowder Band was that they were constantly pushing the envelope of Christian music. Not merely for the sake of pushing the envelope, though, but, I think, because Christians have the most to be creative about. And that creativity, born out of passion for the Savior, flows into their music.

Other albums by the David Crowder Band include “Remedy” (2007), “Church Music” (2009) “Summer Happiness” (2010), and “Oh For Joy’ (2011). Throughout their music career, you’ll find that great DC*B you’ve come to expect. You find them exploring music and sound. And most of all, you find authenticity in their music, in their lyrics, and in their motivation..

Who really knows what’s next in store for DC*B? I don’t know. But I hope that they will embrace mentor-ship, that they will instill their passion for Christ and great music into the next generation of music makers. I hope that DC*B will help other musicians be used by God to change the world through their art. And someday, I hope they plan a reunion tour. I’ll be listening !

For more information on final album of the David Crowder Band, see the January/February 2012 issue of Worship Leader Magazine. You can purchase “Give Us Rest” through their website, www.davidcrowderband.com.

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