Glittery Hurricane Lantern

I’m no artist and I’ve always been a bit envious of those who are. I’ve made a lot of beautiful things in my life but drawing and painting were never my specialties. Since I wasn’t naturally gifted with drawing abilities I’ve had to use shortcuts and other methods to create drawings and other images. One of those shortcuts can help other non-artists like me create gorgeous scenes or images on glass pieces. Try the technique on a hurricane lantern and you can make stunning, and much more, without any artistic ability whatsoever.

Clear glass hurricane lanterns look beautiful when you do a fake etching-type design on their globes. To help you create the perfect glass scene print a picture from your home computer or even cut an image from a magazine or coloring book. Roll the picture up and drop it into the hurricane lantern glass so that the image is facing you. Tape the paper in place. The ideal picture is one without intricate designs.

Work in small sections of the picture for best results. Outline one section with a glue pen then color in that section with the glue. Don’t apply so much glue that it will drip or run but make sure the entire section is completely covered with a thin layer of glue. If you go out of line just use a cotton swab or tiny piece of fabric to wipe off glue, where needed.

Sprinkle glitter onto the glue and shake off the excess. Move along to the next section, apply the glue, then add the glitter. Continue doing this until the entire picture is finished. When it is, remove the picture as well as any tape.

The glittery scenes on the hurricane lamp shades look beautiful when you set them over candles. Group candles together to make a wedding or other centerpiece. There are no limits to the various scenes you can make. Glitter comes in a large variety of colors, like gold, silver, white, red, blue and others, so you can easily create a colorful scene or a more subtle design.

Hurricane lamps look lovely with the glittery scenes but you can also make a design on other glass objects, like clear vases, fishbowls and more. Make a snowy scene, an underwater scene, or just copy a nice design you found online. You’ll adore the look of the finished glass piece so much that you’ll definitely want to make more.

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