Going Green——Getting Healthy

Remember when you were a kid and your parents use to say “eat your vegetables” and then you can have some dessert. After many years of research scientist have actually figured out they had a point and that they were right. I use to think this was absolute torture and I still to this day have trouble getting my full daily allowances of vegetables. I thought about drinking V-8 or low salt V-8 due to their clever commercials and because my husband drinks this daily. But I realized quickly that the only tomato juice I wanted to drink was Zing Zang Mix with lots of extra vodka….i.e.: a bloody mary. I knew that this was not going to be the solution to my vegetable deficiency.

Enter Chlorophyll—what is chlorophyll you ask? It is the substance responsible for a plants green color, it is able to purify the body, relieve inflammation and act as a rejuvenating youth tonic. Chlorophyll has been known to block the absorption of toxic carcinogens in your body. What is the best way to get chlorophyll into the body. You can eat spinach, broccoli (yuck), leafy greens or wheat grass. Now wheat grass is very popular at all the smoothie shops. They grind it up and put it in your smoothie mixed with other ingredients so you hardly taste anything bad. However, wheat grass is very expensive and we are in an economic downturn so how can you still get it but get it economically? Grow your own at home. From the wheat berry you can plant it (indoors) and it grows so easily right at home and then you can place it in your smoothies. Fruit smoothies are also important to your body, but vegetables have something more important to your body then fruits do—chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has many medicinal effects on the body. Some of these are; to alleviate blood sugar problems, detoxify and cleanse the body, can reduce or even eliminate body odors, give relief to people suffering with gastric ulcers, it can kill bacteria in wounds and speed up healing. Chlorophyll can reduce inflammation; improve your bowel functions and sooth painful hemorrhoids. There are so many uses that I can’t even list them all here.

So just by adding wheatgrass to your daily diet by way of smoothies, you should be able to significantly improve your health. The great thing is that you are improving your health from the inside out. You should notice shiny hair, glowing skin, less intestinal issues and be generally healthier.

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