Google Chromebook Measured Against Traditional Computer

Google Chromebook has particular aspects that are definitely worth mentioning. Chromebook is similar to a laptop, but doesn’t quite have the same functions as your traditional computer. You may wonder what’s different about the Google Chromebook computer or how well it stands in comparison to its competitors in the already booming computer industry. Whatever your preference is, these details will certainly determine whether or not the Google Chromebook will be your future purchase.

You only work on programs in Chrome browser and not through computer software. Generally you can create, work on, and save documents, files, and different types of programs on a PC or Mac computer system. Not with Chromebook. All work you do no matter what program, is performed on the Chrome browser.

Will working only on a browser be convenient or inconvenient? This can be convenient because you won’t have to buy software from the store and download it onto your computer. Everything is accessible straight through Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet, or a mobile broadband connection. Some Google Chromebooks come with built-in broadband access which could be convenient to those who don’t want the hassle of purchasing internet service elsewhere.

If you don’t plan on getting internet service then the Google Chromebook is not for you. This would be the main drawback since all activity done on this device requires internet connection. Without a connection you won’t be able to work on documents, spreadsheets, photo editing, or any other task you’re able to perform on a PC or Mac.

All programs and browser settings are stored on the web, not on Google Chromebook. Any work, documents, apps, bookmarks and browser settings are stored or saved on the web. No programs are saved onto Chromebook.

Is it an advantage or disadvantage to save everything on the web? Not having the ability to store programs on Google Chromebook means you will need to make sure you always have an internet connection. If you don’t have a connection, you won’t be able to edit photos, send emails, create documents or use any web apps. Also, if you don’t have access to your Chromebook or another Google Chromebook with a wireless connection, then you won’t be able to retrieve stored documents, files, and other programs.

The capability of accessing work from another Chromebook is an advantage. If your Chromebook is broken, lost, or not within reach for some reason, work will be retrievable from another computer. Access all information from other computers by using the Google Chrome browser sync feature.

Chromebook updates automatically and loads fast. As long as the device is run with the latest web standards and Adobe Flash, websites will load quickly and run easy. Chromebook takes about eight seconds to boot and connects to the web almost instantly with Wi-Fi and 3G built-in.

These are two excellent attributes. Starting up a traditional Mac or PC can take a few minutes, more or less, depending on how many files and programs are stored on the computer and other factors that determine its speed. Chromebooks eliminates the burden of waiting a long time for your computer and web to load. Also, with automatic updates you won’t have to do it manually or wait for reminders because Chromebook updates itself upon starting the computer.

Everything you do on Google Chromebook is secure. Anti-virus software and system updates start immediately each time you boot your computer. Accidentally visiting an infected page doesn’t affect your computer at all. You don’t have to worry about purchasing virus protection software and wondering if it really works because it’s already included.

What you need and prefer in a computer will determine if you will be satisfied with Chromebook or another computer. If internet access and computers are a must have and you use them both continuously, Chromebook might be perfect. Google Chromebook gets faster as updates are released so visit for more detailed information.

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