Google Minus Buzz Equals Plus

Google is apparently no longer buzzing with anticipation. The Internet search giant announced plans to kill the Buzz service within the next few weeks. Google introduced the social networking tool, Buzz, as a way to compete with social media’s big guns: Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately for Google, Buzz had a few privacy glitches that resulted in a rather large lawsuit payment of $8.5 million. Of course, Google is not the kind of company that simply quits on something.

By subtracting Buzz from the equation Google will be concentrating even more finances and intellectual force behind their rapidly growing social media tool Plus. Google Plus has grown to 40 million users inside of four months. The timing of the announcement of killing Buzz to focus efforts on Plus is of utmost importance to the other social media companies.

Facebook, in particular, is facing a ton of complaints about recent changes to their service. Social network users are apparently not exactly thrilled with change, at least when the changes directly affect what they see. The concern about users deciding to leave the blue world of Facebook and head into the realm of Plus is probably very real. After all, how many social media websites can one person check in a given day?

Facebook has been a dominant force in the world of social media for a few years, but they have done so with little real competition. Google is one company that has the financial and technical resources to catch up to Facebook. Still the fight for social media dominance will be an uphill battle for Plus, the sheer number of Facebook users is something to behold. Facebook now boasts 800 million active users.

While the statistics can be tossed around and viewed in different ways, the only real clear interpretation is that Facebook is the social network of choice, at least for right now. Google pulling the plug on Buzz was really only a matter of time, and it has been focusing attention on Plus for a while. Where Plus can make a huge difference is on integration.

Google can integrate Plus with the well-known search function, an area the company clearly dominates. In addition, Google has a ton of other features that can be seamlessly transition in part of Plus, including YouTube. Sure Google has a lot of work to do, but when it comes to the Internet, fortunes can change quickly.

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