Graffiti6’s ‘Colours’ Makes for a Terrific Listen

Graffiti6’s debut album “Colours” is a mix of various musical styles that, combined, makes for a terrific listen. It’s hard to put this album into any one genre, which I think is the point of Tommy Danvers and Jamie Scott, who make up the duo.

Their name is derived from the two randomly pointing at words in a book so it’s no surprise their music is completely random in nature as well. “Colours” reminds me of an album Gorillaz would put out; however, it’s a little more consistent in sound and there’s more singing.

This effort would make for perfect background music at a party or club. I’m interested to see how Graffiti6’s sound translates live as having a solid live act is what makes or breaks a band.

“Colours” drops January 24, 2012.

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