Great Decorating Ideas for Fall

Go Cheap
Believe it or not, you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful home for this season. I have discovered beautiful ways to decorate without spending a lot of money.

Keep it simple . It doesn’t have to get all Martha Stewart up in here for it to be beautiful either. In reality, simple can be amazing, and less can definitely be more. We don’t want to get gaudy and ridiculous, though sometimes I tend to over-do it as Fall is my favorite season and I love making and finding great decorations for it. Dollar Store!

I LOVE the dollar stores for Fall decoration. Well, any season really, but lets stick with the best first. It can add up, once you get going, but if you remain reasonable and simple, it can be a great resource for decoration.

Do one room at a time. The living room is a great place to start. Pick up some place-mats to set under lamps or the T.V.

The Dollar Tree has beautiful runners for bureaus and tables. They sell vases and decor to put in the vases. Long grass decoration, curly colored stick-type things. Wrap ribbons around the vases, dollar stores have great fall-colored ribbon for every season.

Dollar stores also have a nice craft section. Pick up some colored rocks, put them in a glass vase and wrap it with ribbon. Have your kids take part in a fall craft creation!

The Dollar Tree usually has Pre-made Fall decorations as well. Pumpkins, leaves, gourds, pictures, dishes, fake flowers, etc. You can o so many things with this amount of decoration. I have done my entire house from the dollar stores for years. Get Creative

MANY decorations can be made at home with a little imagination and hot glue.
I go around my neighborhood when the leaves start changing and gather up all kinds of dead leaves, live leaves, branches, berries, pine cones, tall grass, rocks and flowers. You can make a nice arrangement with branches and tall grass and leaves. Gather them in a nice bunch, hot glue some leaves or pine cones, wrap them in fall-themes ribbon and stick it up on the wall.

Put some branches and leaves in a vase.

Get The Kids Involved

Kids LOVE these kinds of things. Get them to make hand turkeys, put them in a nice frame.
Make some Fall Luminaries. Get some paper bags, color fall items on the bags and light up your walkway.

Trace some leaves onto the wall and paint them.

Make a wreath out of items found outside or colored paper.

Gather candles from your house and put them on a fall place mat with some leaves.

Put lots of your winter warm items out on display. Big afghans on the couch, a folded blanket on a chair, recover some old pillows with fall fabric.

Trace leaf patterns onto coffee filters, dye them and cut them out and put them on the window.

Basket arrangements. get an old basket and fill it with pumpkins, gourds, leaves and pine cones.

There are so many ideas for fall decorations that you can make from things you already have or can get for free. Thrift Stores!

Oh my lands.
Thrift stores are a perfect place to get cheap beautiful decorations for your home.
You can also get great ideas for homemade things here. Look for planters, vases, jars, anything you can put candles or flowers or any Fall items in.
Pick up some fall colored throws or pillows.
If you can find some fall-colored fabric you can temporarily re-fabric a chair or a wall, make place mats, pillows, anything you can wrap fabric around.

Implement some Halloween decorations if you like.

Make a scarecrow from items you find here.
Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be a chore. it can be fun and inspiring as well as lift spirits to prepare you for the holiday season!

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