Great Mexican Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas

Located deep in the heart of Texas, it should be of no surprise that San Antonio is home to some of the best Mexican restaurants around. Old-world cooking techniques are often combined with newly trained chefs to produce food that is out of this world! No matter if you are interested in casual dining or a more formal setting, you are guaranteed to find something to please even the fussiest taste buds. As with most restaurants in the city, calling ahead to determine if reservations are necessary can save you from headaches in the future.

El Chaparral

Perhaps one of the oldest of all the restaurants on this list, El Chaparral has been in operation for over 50 years. All meals at El Chaparral, or “The Chap” as it is referred to by locals, come with all-you-can-eat tortilla chips and salsa, and a hearty serving of beans-served the way you like them. Tex-Mex dishes, such as quesadillas, enchiladas, and fajitas thrive at El Chaparral, though you can also find more traditional Mexican food such as mole and pollo con arroz. Margaritas are other mixed drinks at El Chaparral are poured with a generous hand, and are quite tasty.


Located on the trendy riverwalk, Acenar is another must-see Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. In Spanish, Acenar translates to “eat”-and this is definitely what you will do at this happening hot spot. Unlike El Chaparral, which features traditional Tex-Mex, Acenar offers unique foods with a European-Mexican fusion. Servers are Acenar are quite doting, and are quick to make suggestions about their personal favorites. For a special treat, ask to be seated outside, with a direct view of the river-goers and other tourists. The table-side guacamole, made by the executive chef, is also a must when visiting this restaurant.


Mamacita’s which is found on the northwest side of San Antonio, is also an old favorite that has been around for many years. Like El Chaparral, Mamacita’s focuses mostly on traditional Tex-Mex. Beautifully decorated both inside and out, walking into Mamacita’s is like visiting old-world Mexico. This is especially true on the nights when the mariachi bands are playing. These musicians can play a seemingly endless number of tunes with a smile on their face. For a few extra dollars, you can actually get the band to serenade you and your loved ones at your table!

Famous Tacos

People who are looking for more casual dining may prefer to visit Famous Tacos, which is located slightly north of downtown. Recently featured on the Food Network show “Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives,” Famous Tacos indeed does live up to its name. Tacos here are not only quite tasty, but are also relatively inexpensive-you can easily fill up on less than $10. Individuals who do not speak Spanish may want to consider bringing a translator along to this restaurant. Getting a server that speaks English at this restaurant can be something of a toss-up.

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