Great Toys for Ages 1 – 12 Months Old

Toys is something every child wants. Considering the age, a 1-year old baby needs different toys from that of older ones. It should be kept in mind that they get easily attracted with toys that have bright colors such as red for example and toys that generates sound, too. Toys that will help develop their mental, physical and emotional skills would be necessary. Take a look at the ideas in this guide for age appropriate toys.

Some toys are convenient for both baby boy and girl you have. Push toys for example are one of the toys just right for your 1-year old baby. These toys have long handles and has balls or wheels at the tip which makes it roll when pushed. It is totally safe to play with and gives your kid a chance to learn two of the important developmental tasks at this stage which are walking and running.

Specific toy for 1 year old baby girls would be a baby doll since it has body parts wherein the child can easily learn through touching and playing with it. This toy would make the child feel the sense of security and help them nurture feeling as they identify their roles. They will surely enjoy playing with baby dolls!

On the other hand, boys aged 1 year old also have a specific toy just right for them to play with. One of those is beach play set. The set includes a bucket, sand sifter, watering can and shovel which will be fun to play at no required time span with no accompany needed. This will help the child get busy and entertained the whole time he plays all by himself. Kids at this age prefer to play alone or what we call a solitary play.

Another type of toy which both parties can play with safely is a toy called as Bilibo. It is a new generation toy which is shock proof, food proof, recyclable and made from higher density polyethylene which possesses a shape that looks like a face. It can be a tortoise shell and sand toy, swing and spinner, cradle for dolls and substitute for sleds – can be whatever you imagined it to be. It was made in order to feed up child’s imagination and play in ways he wants thus, mental development is encouraged.

There are numerous toys appropriate for a 1 year old child which makes them learn while having fun. The ones stated above are just some of the right toys for your children that entertains them and help them develop their full potentials with regards to their age. There are more but safety should be considered as well.

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