Great Uses for Pottery

If you are just beginning to collect pottery there is a little secret that avid collectors know all too well: Pottery is infinitely useful and an extremely versatile product. What this means is that most pottery can function in more than one capacity. One thing you do need to make sure of, is that there aren’t certain restrictions on the pieces you purchase. Most dealers, however, will let you know when you make the purchase, about the necessary precautions that should be taken when caring for your pottery.

All things considered, most pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe (depending on the glazing method-Raku pottery is not), food safe (again this depends largely on the glazing method and any paints that may have been used), safe for use in the oven, and able to hold liquid. This means that you have a lot of options with most pottery pieces that go well beyond the uses for which the specific piece may have been designed for.

Storage: Vases are really great for holding things. They are certainly not limited to flowers. Small pottery pieces are good for holding perfumes, particularly those with stoppers, or oils, and countless other small treasures you have lying around. Larger pieces are great for storing large portions of food. Various medium sized pottery pieces make excellent canisters in the kitchen for storing all kinds of items.

Display: Of course there are many different pottery pieces that we want to showcase. But did you realize that pottery could also be used to display other items you want to show off in the home? One interesting use that one family found was to use a pottery spoon rest in the bathroom as a soap dish! Pottery is great for displaying special hand soaps in the bathroom and adds a little splash of color to the bathroom counter top.

Cooking: Pottery can withstand fairly high temperatures with grace and style believe it or not. For many households this makes it an excellent choice for preparing and serving all kinds of dishes. Many people use pottery in the microwave and the oven, though never on the stove top. If you are wary about using your beautiful pottery for cooking, it does make an excellent choice for serving food.

Dining: Stoneware is a very popular style of dinnerware these days and for good reason. Not only is it a beautiful addition to any table but it is very versatile. You might also find mugs, plates, and bowls that are designed for your dining pleasure. Among all of the choices on the market today, most tables are greatly enhanced by the addition of pottery

As you can see there are many things that can be done with pottery. Make sure to not establish set uses for your pottery. You will miss out on much of the versatility that many find the primary incentive for investing in it. Pottery is a beautiful addition to any home. It should not be hidden away, but should be used fully and regularly in order to enjoy the true value of the pieces and get your money’s worth. The true value of pottery is in how much it enhances your life. It certainly won’t enhance your life very much if kept locked away in the kitchen cabinets.

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