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Thank you and welcome to El Cheapo Gamer , I’m your host today, Andre Ratchford. This broadcast will be covering Holiday Gift Shopping for the 2011 shopping season. I’ve got tons of places for you to shop for your games, books, movies, electronics and music. I’ve also got a few places where you can play free games, either on or offline, with you PC. The list is a bit extensive, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that you like or for someone you know.

To get things rolling, I’ll give you some of the recent video game websites that I discovered for acquiring relatively low priced video games. Now, with some of these sites, if you must have brand new, then you would want to avoid these. Otherwise, you’ll get some pretty sweet deals. Trust me though, you’ll want to at least check out the places I’m telling you about, you’ll definitely like what you find.

The first site on my list for video games is JJGames ( On this site, you’ll find lots of stuff ranging from old school up to current gen. Lots of the old school stuff though, you’ll find some pretty nice prices on. Though really that’s all opinion. I’ve also found some really nice prices on games for current gen consoles, but don’t just take my word for it, actually look, it’s worth it.

Another site I found that was interesting to me is RoofusExpress ( They seem to really deal in last and current gen. When you’re shopping for whichever console you choose, you’ll see a list of best sellers for that console and/or category at the top of the page. Further down from there, you see your list of shopping items. I usually switch the viewing settings from lowest to highest price, but that’s something I generally do with any website I shop on. You’ll find some pretty nice games for pretty decent prices.

I found this awesome site which is properly named CheapGames ( Not only are the games priced pretty nicely, but some of the consoles that they have are at really good prices to, bundled or not. You when you enter their listings, you can see how many they have available of every item, whether it be new, used or collectible. Finding and buying games here is pretty easy. Though I will say the actually products you buy do come from many different sellers, I’m not quite sure what affect that has on shipping. I just wanted to warn you ahead of time, though the deals on the games and consoles are nice.

This site I’m about to tell you about I feel is a bit of a rare find. I mean, I’m always searching for gaming deals, and yet, this one escaped me until now. The site is VideoGamesDX ( I’ll say though, I’ve pretty much only really found accessories on this site. There are some games, but I’d chalk it up to them opening recently, from what their site says, they opened just this year. I’d go as far to say support them, they’ve got some decently priced stuff available, but the only way they’ll get more is if people buy from them.

Now that I’m done with the short list of pretty much strictly video game shopping sites, I’ll move onto books. Some people may not think it, but there are plenty of gamers out there that love a good and well written story. In fact, I’d venture to say a lot of us play games hoping that the story of the game is just as intriguing as the gameplay and visuals. Pretty much the type of games a gamer would buy are the types of books they’ll most likely want to read. And even if you don’t know any dedicated gamers, I’m sure you know a few people who love books.

The first dedicated book site on my list, Thrift Books ( Just browsing the site, I’ve found some pretty good books that were at pretty much rock bottom prices. And think about it, when you buy books from this site, you’re also doing a good deed. Thrift Books donates books to developing countries around the world. The support this site gets from it’s sales helps with that. And an added bonus for US residents, you get free shipping. Plus you get better discounts for multiple book orders. Venture to the site and see for yourself.

Another great site for books that I’ve come across, Book Closeouts ( I’ve looked at this site several times, and they have awesome pricing for books. I would say search your favorite author’s name and see how many results you get, and the prices you find. I’ve looked up some book that I would see at places like Barnes & Noble, finding the same books, just with a much small price tag. A great site for gifts for friends, family, and maybe even yourself.

The last site that I have in my list is Re-readables ( It’s not because I didn’t look, but at the time I was putting my list together, I didn’t find anything else that really stood out. This site however, felt a lot like a library intranet system. For the most part, it looks like one too. That was why I checked further into it, and their list is extensive. You use a very much library like system to search out the books you want to buy, or you can just look through the complete list of all of the books.

I spent some time trying to find good sites for obtaining DVDs and Blu-ray, but I honestly didn’t come across very many sites that were just dedicated to that. Now I do have site that you can get DVDs pretty cheap, but they’re multipurpose sites. Those will be further into the article.

I did find one site that I think is pretty good though. Said website is DVD Empire ( You can pretty much find any variety of movie that you are looking for. That is whether it’s horror, comedy, thriller, action, etc, they’ve got a lot of good stuff. Their prices however aren’t the best for everything, but they don’t try to kill your wallet either. I’d say at the very least it’s a good idea to check them out and do price comparisons with sites that you may know of, or the multipurpose I’ll have later in the article.

Searching for good music, that is for those whom don’t want to download everything, or would actually like to get an artist whole album. I did run into the same problem I had with searching for movies, so I unfortunately at this time only have one website. The site I’m speaking of is Cheap-CDs ( Now I know the name sounds a little bad, but their prices are pretty nice. I’ve checked through a couple sections and found some stuff I’d like to have. It also helps that they have such a large selection. I’m telling you to look through, you’ll never know what you might find.

Now for electronics, I’ve found some pretty sweet sites. Not all of them are going to have huge TVs you can buy mind you, but I’m confident you’ll find some pretty decent stuff. The website Tom Top ( is one of my favorites to look up gadgets and accessories for my consoles. There are also a few non-electronic things on the site, but that would be up to you to venture and see. There are other sites that are pretty similar as well that I like. I’ll usually use them to compare pricing on the items they have that are similar or the same. These sites are Milk Honey Land (, ExCheap (, DHGate (, Chinabuye (, and Chinavasion ( They aren’t exactly the same, but they’re all warehouses based in China. If you aren’t picking about where you get your tech stuff, you’ll find some nice things on these sites.

Now this site I’m going to tell you about, I honestly don’t have much experience with. I actually came across it last year and thought about putting it in my 2010 Holiday Guide, but I opted not to. Though after checking out some of the deals that can be found on the site, I was more than happy to include it this year. That website is Zwee ( They are mostly electronics based, but you can also find some games there are well. Most of what they have presented on the site seems to be thoroughly researched, or at least what I’ve seen of it anyway.

The next site that I want to present is Refurb Depot ( They have some pretty nice prices though, when you compare their prices to the list prices, their list prices are generally the original price points for the products, not current. I’m not sure as to why that is, but they generally are cheaper than buying brand new. And they ship fast, I ordered a camcorder for my wife and got it the next day. I can’t promise that for everyone, but that was my result. I did not use express shipping at all, I tend to stick with standard shipping.

My most favorite electronics site though, that would have to be Geeks ( Honestly though, you’ll probably find more stuff for your computer, but they carry a vast amount of differing electronic products. This site is always worth checking if you’re looking for a deal. Plus their customer service is pretty nice too, very willing to work with you if something is wrong with a product you’ve purchased from them. I’d definitely swear by Geeks as one of their customers.

Now, this next list of sites is really a bunch of multipurpose websites, covering all of the individual sections I’ve already spoken about. You can definitely find some awesome deals with these places. So much so, that even after recommending all of the other websites, these are the ones I’d usually check out first as they serve a bit wider a purpose.

First on my list of multiple purpose sites is Glyde ( Now I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Glyde, but it’s a great site. Though for the most part, it’s easier to go to the site knowing what you are looking for. You can also use the bar at the bottom of the page in order to browse available products on the site. Now, there is only really one problem I have with the site, and that is the fact that you must purchase everything individually. But there is a reason for this. The products that you purchase through Glyde are actually being sold off by individual people. So you could literally buy things on Glyde from five different places. Plus the fact that the prices on Glyde are generally pretty cheap compared to most stores you can go to and buy games, movies, music, and books, there is plenty of incentive to go and check it out. Just remember when you’re shopping that you’re more or less helping another person who may have some holiday shopping to do themselves. You can also sell off stuff to make yourself a little extra holiday cash, so it’s a win-win.

Another awesome website that I’m glad to use is GoHastings ( They have some pretty awesome deals, though I think they charge shipping per item, not as a whole bundle. Either way, they have a huge inventory, I’ve checked it often when there have been items that I couldn’t find anywhere else. The site is very easy to navigate, and you’ll often find that they are having a sale going on. For those whom care to know, GoHastings is based out of Texas.

DeepDiscount ( is also a pretty great site for finding games, movies and music. They have plenty of other quality items, but I’m pretty sure those are their mainstays. I can’t say they always have the best of prices, but they are very quick with shipping. They generally adjust their prices to be a slight bit lower than market value, or at least it seems that way to me. Another thing that is great about them, you get free shipping on any orders over fifteen dollars. My assumption is that is standard shipping only, as I’ve never changed my shipping options when I’ve purchased from them.

Those are pretty much all of the sites that I wanted to talk about. I’ll list all of the other sites that I frequent as well for deals, but these are the ones where I usually find some pretty nice prices. I’m pretty sure they’ll all be having some sort of Black Friday specials. Other sites/places that I like to search out deals and rare finds:

Ebay (

Ioffer (

Shopzilla (

Video Game Central (

Amazon (

Big Lots (

Target (

Walmart (

Best Buy (

HHGregg (

This guide was more or less to help prepare you for holiday shopping and hopefully to take some of the stress out of your search this 2011 holiday season. I hope that by next year, I’ll have expanded this list and I’ll also include places where you can find collectibles and such. Happy Shopping.

Now I know this particular article was a bit long-winded, but it covers a lot. Please show your support for the All Games Network. As always, I’d like to ask that you link this article in any forum you are apart of, especially those dealing with gaming and electronics.

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