Green for a Day

It was Saint Patrick’s Day and all the students where to have on something green. That day I had on a green bracelet a green hair band and a light green shirt. My whole outfit was green the only thing that was not was my shoes. I never really liked pinching people it seemed a little mean to me. I there for came up with the oddest tradition and that was that anyone who was not wearing green would get a hug. I remember all of the boys and girls had on green accepted for two boys in the class.

The first boy really did not have any green on he was a childhood friend. I gave him a hug and gave him my green bracelet. He thanked me with a smile. His light blonde hair was semi long with a hint of brown making it an almost dirty blonde. He had on all red poor boy forgot what day it was and I could not stand the thought of everyone benching him all day long. When we went to lunch things got interesting but also very shocking. I had yet to speak with the second boy.

I then walked up to him and offered him my hair clip but took off a part of it so I may make a clip for him to put on his t-shirt. He told me there was no need to do such a kind thing for he had green already. I then said “You do where?” He then looked up at me his blue eyes meeting my brown ones “I think I will take that free hug first though before I frighten you away” he said to me. I then gave him a hug and smiled softly at him.

He then did the craziest of things. I remember one of the other boys in my class could already tell the boy was up to no good. He then grabbed me and shielded my eyes. I could not help but wonder what was going on but I could hear the students laughing as I was dragged out by my male friend who would not dare let me see what had happen. They always were protecting me from harm it seemed. I am sort of glade I did not see but then again what is the crime of green ninja turtle swim trunks. That is what I was told at least and that the boy was shouting “See I told you I had on green”. I do recall after words the lad had been taken to the principal’s office and I had a fit with him later on. That was are good old class clown though always finding ways to follow what the teachers said in a random way.

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