Gross Halloween Party Games

Any party is made a bit more fun with exciting games. Party games help break the ice, join everyone as a group, and get all guests involved in the fun. Halloween is an especially fun time for party games because the games can be as gross and completely ‘out there’ as you want to make them! We’ve listed several different gross Halloween party games for guests of all ages. 

Gross Halloween party games are good clean fun, even if they are pretty disgusting to look at. Don’t worry about offending anyone, because older kids, teens, and adults alike will get a kick out of these very unique game ideas. They’re unexpected, totally unique, and lots of fun.

Mystic Eyeball Search

Purchase a black plastic cauldron (sold at any store during the Halloween season) and fill it with boiled spaghetti noodles and lasagne noodles. Leave the noodles very wet. The wet noodles will feel squishy and gross, and watching unsuspecting guests react to the sensation is just part of the fun!

Toss in a few marbles, adding just one red one to the mix. Have guests stick their hands into the wet noodles to search for the ‘mystic eyeball’, a.k.a the red marble. This game can be turned into a completion, if desired, by using multiple cauldrons and having guests compete to find their ‘mystic eyeball’ first.

Black Cat Surprise

One black cat, and several regular cats, have left yucky surprises for everyone at the party. That’s right, we’re talking about cat poop, people! Everyone will be given a Halloween napkin that has been wrapped with a festive ribbon. Inside the guest is….poop, but only one ‘black cat’ poop. (Don’t worry, it’s not real)

To prepare for this gross Halloween party game, take Tootsie Rolls and pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to make them pliable. Then, flatten and bend them, distorting them into the shape of poop. If you really want to get gross, roll them in oatmeal too. Select one special dropping and press Halloween confetti or sprinkles into it. Then, roll them all up separately in tissue or napkins and tie them. Randomly hand them out to guests. They’ll be able to tell who found the magic one, and that person is the winner.

Body Parts Search

This gross Halloween game will allow guests to search through blood filled buckets for specific body parts. To prepare, purchase plastic body parts at a Halloween specialty store. You’ll want to buy several different small parts, such as such as fingers, ears, eyes, miniature brains, etc. You’ll also need a few bottles of fake blood. Take the items home and dump them into buckets. Cover the body parts with fake blood and water. To make things more difficult, toss in some various textured items that guests will have to feel their way through, such as peeled grapes, boiled noodles, olives, gummy worms, grape jelly, etc.

To play, divide guests into teams and hand them a list of body parts they’ll be searching for. Blindfold them so there’s no cheating. The first team to find all their body parts wins the game!

Frightening Feast

How far are your guests willing to go to be named champion of the Frightening Feast? Would they be willing to eat escargot, raw oysters, or anchovies? How about a chocolate covered grasshopper, pickled pigs feet, or something even worse? This game can get as disgusting as you want it to, depending on what you choose to ‘feed’ your friends.

To play, have the food laid out on a table. On index cards, write the name of each item on the table and flip the deck upside down. Guests draw a card and have to eat whatever is shown. If they refuse, they’re out of the game. Play continues until one person is left. If all the food has been sampled, begin blending things together until someone gives up.


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