Guide to Rapid Weight Loss: Introduction

This is the first of a series of article on rapid weight loss. So I hope you come back an keep reading my weekly article on this subject. The information contained in this and the following article on rapid weight loss is derived on countless studies read that can be found in specialized nutritional and scientific journals.

Rapid weight loss is possible. However, the issue with rapid weight loss is if it is necessary, sustainable, and above all, if it is safe. Research have shown that it is possible and can be safe. Regarding sustainability I have to say upfront that without a maintenance nutritional program it is not sustainable. I will recommend you take your concerns and the info on this article to your doctor if you wish to proceed to a rapid weight loss strategy such as the one described in this article series or found anywhere.

I you do some googling you will really will find some really stupid approaches to rapid weight loss: All vegetables, all fruit, nothing but soup, broth, the cabbage soup thing, the Mayo clinic thing, just a lot of ways to lose weight fast. What I am going to present in these article series is based on nutritional science to help you or your loved ones rapid weight (actually, rapid fat loss) is accomplished in a very effective and safe manner.

When is rapid weight loss appropriate?

Don’t, get me wrong but extended rapid weight loss is not sustainable and it is not recommended. However, there are certain situation when rapid weight loss may be appropriate if taken the appropriate safety measures. I want to talk about them in this introductory article.

One of such situation has to do with certain sports. Bodybuilding is one of those situations in which a person may need rapid weight loss, for example for a bodybuilding contest. In body building competitions males may need to achieve a 4-5% body fat. A female perhaps 9-10%. This extreme low body fat levels are only achieved with rapid weight loss strategies such as the one that I will talk in this article series.

On more mundane situations, a person may need rapid weight loss for a special occasion, a wedding or high school reunion where they feel they may need to lose weight (and of course fast). Also, think of people whose jobs depend on staying slim (models, actors, etc)

Finally there is one last situation I think I should mention. A rapid weight loss strategy may be needed initially for people embarking in a weight loss journey. Seeing rapid weight loss initially has a psychological effect on people trying to lose a lot of weight. However, after the rapid weight loss initial period a more moderate approach may be needed for more sustainable results.

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