Handwriting Therapy Can Help People to Fulfill Their Goals in Life

There is a reason for this as increasingly employers are using the services of experts in handwriting analysis or graphology to give them another insight into the applicant’s personality and how they might approach their tasks if given the job.

This may seem unfair, as many people would argue that their handwriting style was how they were taught in school, but it is rare that people stay strictly with their teaching and their handwriting does not develop its own special characteristics as they grow and develop.

This makes sense as most people would recognise the handwriting of someone they were close to or familiar with, suggesting that it does contain features and details that make it personal and memorable.

How we write is governed by and impacted by our subconscious mind. Most of us probably write without thinking about the shape and positioning of the letters in any detail, our attention is usually more focused on what we are wanting to say, although if it is a formal letter that needs to make a good impression we are likely to put some effort into making sure it is legible, neat with correct spelling and grammar and no blots and smears or crossings out.

A particular handwriting style that shows personality and characteristics that might not be welcomed in the corporate environment does not have to be the end of all hope, however.

It is possible to change the handwriting to exhibit more positive and desirable characteristics and this has an impact also on the personality and character of the individual writer.

An expert handwriting therapist, or graphotherapist, will first analyse a sample of the person’s handwriting. There is a graphology test which is analyzed by graphotherapist and this is an extremely detailed process that covers not only the formation and angle of the letters themselves, but their spacing next to each other, on the page and between lines.

Once they have completed the handwriting analysis they will start to look at ways to help the writer improve on anything in their personality and approach to life that may be holding them back, through helping them to change their writing style.

They will then work with the person to set the targets for things they want to change. These targets can be on personal grounds or about professional challenges but evidence is beginning to mount that such techniques do achieve results. Infect there are many set examples.

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