Hanging Ball of Flowers Wedding Decoration

Having an elegant wedding? A wedding with lots of flowers? Well, after you’ve done some floral arrangements in vases for the centerpieces, and attached a flower to each napkin ring, and you’ve done all the other flower crafts you can think of for your wedding, take the leftovers and make a hanging ball of flowers. It’s easy to create and makes a striking statement for those entering the wedding reception area. They’ll be taken aback by the spectacular floral ball that can hang over a food table, a dining table, or elsewhere in the room. Make several of them and hang them around the room and you’ll have a breathtaking scene.

You might have already seen pomanders – or balls of flowers – while browsing through stores or looking at wedding catalogs. But this ball of flowers will be much different than those. The pomander-type wedding decorations are generally balls with flowers attached right to the ball. They’re gorgeous but ordinary. You can make something much more intriguing and lovely when you start with a Styrofoam ball.

Poke a small hole anywhere on the ball, fill it with hot glue, and add a hanger. To do that, cut a ribbon or even a piece of fishing twine, fold it in half, then insert the ends into the hole. Hang the ball somewhere that allows you to work on it as you attach the flowers.

For this spray-type of flower ball you’ll need flowers and greenery that have long stems. The ball is made in the same basic manner as a regular pomander ball but you won’t believe the difference in appearance when you use flowers and plants that are long.

If you’re using silk flowers simply stick their stems into the ball, take it out, fill the hole with hot glue, and stick the stem back into the hole. Make rows which go around the ball and cover the entire ball. If you’re using real flowers, poke a hole, slide in the flower or vine stem, and if necessary, use a floral wire piece to secure it.

You’ll achieve the best look for the ball of flowers if you use long flowers and greenery but assorted sizes. Some can hang slightly away from the ball and others can extend way out from the ball.

All white flowers, with lots of greenery, is perfect for a wedding but you can make the spray-type floral ball with any color combination. Don’t need hanging flowers? Make the balls, omit the hanger, and stand them on tall vases. They’re absolutely stunning and, although each one takes a bit of time, they’re very easy to create.

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