Has Marriage Become Extinct?

It is a daunting task to understand, discern and conquer the many pitfalls that can and will destroy many marriages. Numerous studies have indicated that more than 50% of marriages are failing. I often wonder if the human species were ever meant to be monogamous.

At this point, I am going to jump ship on you as they say. I am going to talk about something totally different. However, you will begin to see the two points come together.

If you are near or around people at this very moment, look around and describe what you see. More often than not, you will see someone who is overweight and in some incidences, you will see someone who is obese. You know for a fact that I am not in your presence, yet, I am able to tell you what you see in that regard. I know this because of trends. I know this because man cannot control many of the temptations that we are confronted with. This also applies to me.

Especially during holiday periods and other festive events, we tell ourselves that we will not over indulge. Nonetheless, when we arrive at home we are so disappointed in ourselves for over eating that it sometimes becomes depressive. What happened? We know what happened, we did not possess the fortitude to walk away from that temptation. I am talking about intelligent people. We know that overeating is bad for our health and well being. Yet we do it any way. Why am I comparing food to marriage. Very simple, I am talking about being unable to control oneself.

Now back to the marriage issue. If you admitted that food is such a temptation that it weakens our ability to sometimes just walk away. Let me tell you about the temptation within a marriage. In the food scenario, the food is unable to talk to you. The temptation within the marriage not only talks, it walks, it can show and tell and many other things. If someone finds themselves in a compromising position, they can be tempted into doing things that they would not normally do.

Being the humans that we are, nature intended mankind to procreate. That fact alone is a clear indication that men and women will be attracted to each other. So, if I see a woman and admire her appearance (don’t hate me for saying this), nature told me that I should be attracted to her. I know, I am already married. So, if I want to keep my marriage intact, I better run away as fast as possible. However, just like the food, it sometimes seem impossible to just walk away.

Do I respect the institution of marriage? Yes. Am I in the habit of just running around? No. I once knew a male doctor who, under no circumstance would he treat a female patient alone. The nurse was always in the office. He said that the temptation was just too great. After all, he was only human.

Lastly, if you are serious about maintaining a successful marriage, recognize and accept the warning signs when you are tempted. It is okay to admire someone, but always think of the consequences when you are about to stray. Who will your actions hurt the most? The kids, the wife, your mother, etc. When you are tempted, put your spouse face on the individual. This should make you want to hurry home and be with your spouse.


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