Has the Art of Conversation Been Lost Forever?

HEY DID YOU GET MY TEXT? How many times have you heard this and realize it was another missed opportunity to actually hold a conversation with someone you care about. Case in point: the lovely man I am seeing now, will actually say to me, “We talked about this yesterday and I told you how I felt.” My response is, “NO, darling, you texted me that message and no we did not have a conversation!”

I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do, but what happened to actually picking up the phone and hearing a voice at the other end. Don’t get me wrong, I love sending the funny text, or the equally steaming one at the end of the day to get the date started. I just miss the time when we didn’t have all this electronic devices, one liners, closed sentences, where we miss again the opportunity to actually TALK. Do we hide behind our text messages? I grew up in the era where when you got home and saw the blinking light on your answering machine, you knew he may have called! The wonderful part of this experience is that you actually spoke to one another and could actually laugh and not have to text LOL.

Is it easier to shoot one off and not know how the other person will respond to your quick , “sure”.. or even better, “yeah” . I have seen ladies in the break room go through all the text messages they sent to their significant other and over analize the content. At the end of all that, where was the voice inflection, the sound of your name when he says it, or lastly, an actual voice saying I love you.

Next time you get the text, “Did you get this message?” Text back, Call me.

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