Haunted America: The Ghosts of Bloods Point Road in Cherry Valley, Illinois

You undoubtedly know that it is that time of year again when your arm hair spontaneously stands on end and it is just part of the deal. Unfortunately if you find yourself driving along Bloods Point Road in Boone County, Illinois, your hair just may stand on end no matter what time of the year it is, and it isn’t from the sight of freaky Halloween costumes! This true Illinois haunt is the very thing that legends are made of and the stories just get deeper with spirited intent each year. The locals have grown used to the multitude of lost souls that are so often sighted on this road late at night when sleep deprived bodies sum it up as nothing more then an over active imagination. However the haunting past of this stretch of pavement promises that the things seen with the human eye have nothing to do with a creative mind working overtime. This is just about as haunted as haunted gets. Everything from murder and suicide to accidental deaths and scheduled hangings has been a part of Blood Point Roads dreadful past.

Cherry Valley, Illinois is a small village located between Winnebago and Boone Counties. Ninety percent of the community is positioned in Winnebago County, and a mere ten percent of the village is nestled in the eastern section of the very haunted Boone County. Established in 1837, Boone County was named for Daniel Boone, a folk hero, frontiersman and explorer from Kentucky. Early explorer Arthur Blood and his family settled in the area known today as Bloods Point Road, and made it his permanent residence where the prominent businessman eventually built a beautiful home for his family. Bloods Point Road is located in Boone County just over the Winnebago County line, and it has a deep history of bizarre events that has dubbed this section of roads as being a gold mine for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

Bloods Point Road runs between Fairdale and Wheeler Roads with various other intersections from Stone Quarry to Cherry Valley completing the radius injecting with the area, making it one of the worst known hot beds in the state for paranormal energy that has been reported as actively haunted with ghostly sights and strange activity that simply cannot be explained. The local myth surrounding the ghost sightings include that of disembodied figures that appear to be that of a stench infested witch who is so disgustingly morbid to look at for more then a second or you will lose your lunch at the very sight of her to various restless corpses that were not given the proper burial that every human being has a right to expect, but instead were hung haphazardly by the neck without the least bit of mercy.

Traveling along Bloods Point Road, this haunted no man’s land comes alive during the late night hours when the moon offers a peak into the evil that lurks in and around the darkened trees. The feeble minded cannot help but to notice that the trees begin to take on the form of human beings standing guard while watching your every move, and when on foot their wooded limbs stretch in an effort to reach out and grab you. Perhaps the trees are attempting to warn you of things to come if you dare to continue on, but many claim that the heavily wooded area where the trees breathe life are where the ghosts congregate, and if you are quiet, you can watch their every move until they catch site of those that dare to trespass on their sacred grounds.

One of the legends handed down involves the decomposing and rancid smelling witch Beaula, who is believed to have hung her children and then herself from the Bloods Point Bridge. She has been seen walking late at night as if in search of someone or something as witnessed when you dare to look into her demonic red eyes that openly penetrate the very thing that they are staring back at. It is rumored that by simply laying your eyes on her ominous being you will feel the overpowering urge to run, but you find yourself incapable of doing so as an even stronger urge to vomit takes over even more. Bad luck often follows any living soul that is unfortunate enough to come in contact with this wretched woman who now walks among the restless corpses forever stuck in a dead mans’ hell. Beaula’s black cat has been known to run in front of vehicles, causing them to swerve to the side of the road where you will most likely find the feline’s owner walking along her path.

Phantom vehicles from big rigs and old school buses to vintage pick-up trucks are known to travel Blood Points Road all hours of the night, and a blaring red light from a ghost cop car has been seen by many unsuspecting travelers unfortunate enough to find them in the area where dead men walk. The railroad bridge is forever etched with memories of screaming children fighting for their lives after their school bus mysteriously crashed. The cries of help coming from the small passengers can still be heard on certain nights where the sound of no wind can be heard, but the distant anguish of suffering is the only sound that greets you. Mystery lights shine through the trees on Bloods Point Road and the highest percentage of paranormal activity has involved the bridge. Apparitions of both children and adults have been seen, and barking hellhounds have been known to chase cars down the road.

Founded in 1836, the Blood Points cemetery unfortunately falls prey to ghost hunters and thrill seekers, but the fact is that vandals of the historical grave site will meet with a life time of bad luck as disrespect to any of the markers of the many deceased residents of Boone County who lay beneath the tombstones and other monuments will forever haunt their souls by communicating with those from the other side that have the power to invade the mind of the living who reek of evil thoughts. Trespassers of the cemetery will be prosecuted and it is under a community watch 24 hours a day.

Hellhounds have been spotted guarding the cemetery, and there have been several reports from visitors that the dogs do in fact attack, but they vanish after biting their victims, so catching them is virtually impossible. Paranormal investigators are drawn to Blood Points Road due to the high activity of ghosts and spirits seen walking along the many stretches of road. Researchers and investigators have joined forces and created the Bloods Point Restoration Project. This will allow fans and supporters of the Bloods Point Cemetery to connect by going to: http://www.facebook.com/SmallTownParanormal.









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