Have a Movie Marathon, Compliments of the Public Library

If you’re looking for an economical and fun way to spend quality time with family and friends, check out your local library. There you are likely to find a large selection of DVD movies and television shows, movie musical CDs and even VHS productions of those long forgotten classics.

I will admit that it might take a little while to get the more current movies, but eventually they will be available for their patrons. I know of a woman who makes a trip to the library on a weekly basis just to stock up for her movie viewing. She loves the selection, and the price doesn’t get better than free.

A movie marathon at home would definitely be a great and safe alternative in welcoming in the New Year or celebrating a milestone birthday. Say for example, someone is turning 60 years old. Wouldn’t it be fun to research and watch movies and television shows that were popular at the time of their birth up until now?

A movie marathon would also be great in the winter months when it’s bitterly cold or snowy outside. Heat up some hot chocolate and let the viewing begin. It will serve as a distraction to the wintry conditions and allow you to be entertained at the same time. As an added bonus, libraries often allow you to keep most movies and DVDs for several weeks at a time.

To provide a theater-type setting, be sure to have that popcorn and other goodies available to squelch those hunger pangs. It might be wise to keep an ample supply of movies on hand for those spontaneous moments when unexpected guests arrive.

And to make it more interesting, be sure to have a variety of movies that will satisfy different tastes to prevent boredom.

With a well thought out and organized approach, the good times are sure to roll. You’ll never look at your library the same again.


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