Have a Very Bundy Christmas: Christmas with the Bundys

If you remember television watching in the late 1980s, it was the decade of the family. In the 1980s sitcom world, there were a variety of different types of families portrayed on television including the : upper middleclass Cosbys (The Cosby Show), the conservative Keatons (Family Ties), and the dysfunctional Bundys (Married… With Children). The Bundys created their own niche from 1987-1997 as the family which did what probably everybody else was thinking of—often with less than positive results by going against the norm. When you think about a family whose prime provider (Al Bundy) is a shoe salesman who makes less than minimum wage, a stay at home wife (Peggy Bundy) who spends time eating bonbons and watching talk shows, a son (Bud Bundy) who is booksmart but is socially challenged and a daughter (Kelly Bundy) who is street smart but academically challenged—wouldn’t you want to know how they spent the Christmas holidays? Even though we may be out of the yuletide season, there is a good chance that you are in an area that has this show and episodes in re-run status or you can watch the following best choice Christmas episodes on the internet.

The 1987 Lakeside Mall episode “You Better Watch Out” features Al Bundy frustrated because a competing mall (Lakeside Mall) is taking away business from the strip mall that he works for causing him to lose his Christmas bonus. In addition to lack of Christmas funds, a skydiving Santa Claus for the other mall ends up missing his target and ending up in a fatal crash in the Bundy’s backyard. Can Christmas be salvaged for the Bundys?

“It A Bundiful Life (Parts 1 and 2) -The 1989 episodes features Al celebrating the money that he had saved in a Christmas club and lets his family know that he will buy presents. However, he missed the bank hours, goes home without the promised gifts which causes his family to leave home frustrated. Al decides to work on the Christmas lights which he ends up nearly getting electrocuted. When he awakes, his guardian angel the late Sam Kinnison stands over him showing him what life would be like without him. Its interesting to find out what Al decides in this episode.

Al Bundy reminisces about past Christmases with his family in bar with other area Santa Clauses in this December 1992 episode. Al had taken up part time jobs including the Santa Claus job just so he can get them gifts at Christmas time. However, when Al drinks too much and passes out at Ray’s bar and Ray assumes Al really wanted to pay for everybody’s round in the bar thusly taken up Al’s money. Al makes sure that Ray lives up to the adage “Its more blessed to give than receive”.

Regardless of which episode that you watch…..may you reminisce Christmas the Bundy way!



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