Have You Had Noro Virus?

Ithaca school closed 2 days because of the flu outbreak according to Mlive.com.
Themorningsun.com states that the pattern repeats itself so often that it points to the Noro virus.

What is the Noro Virus? It belongs to a family of viruses that cause the “stomach flu,” states Everyday health.com. They also state that touching surfaces or objects contaminated with Noro Virus, and then placing your hands in your mouth can definitely spread.

Dr. Darlington, the Health Commissioner of New York, found 135,000 bacteria from washing 1 bill and 126,000 from another, according to Ranker.com. In addition, he states the best way to tackle this problem is to wash your hands. Ranker.com also lists the 13 dirtiest things you touch everyday. They are as follows: money, the light switch, computer keyboard, cell phone, toilet seat, shopping cart, remote control, bathtub, kitchen sink, kitchen sponge, doorknobs, fridge handle, and the shifter handle in your car.

That reminds me, my cell phone was filthy, and it definitely needed attention. One day I noticed that the beige shift handle in my car had turned black. I had to do some deep cleaning.

I have even observed those in the restroom washing their hands and then using a paper towel to open the door. This is another good idea. Sometimes we never realize how many things we touch in a course of a day that will carry bacteria.

There is a reason when you visit public restrooms and see a sign for employees to please wash their hands. I recall once being at an event where there was a line up in the restroom. One of the cashiers from the kitchen area came in and used the restroom, but did not wash her hands. Everyone in the restroom was startled. Several people immediately went to her manager to complain. What was this cashier thinking?

I have also seen a cashier handling food, then returning to the cash register to accept your money. There are so many germs involved with touching money.

It does not take a lot of effort to wash your hands. I recall when I went to the hospital to visit my twin grandchildren in the neonatal units. The hospital required you to wash your hands several minutes before going in to see the babies. That does make sense.

I also, have observed in Kroger stores, Handy Wipes at the entrance as you walk in the store. I am so glad that Kroger is taking this vigilant stance. I have even seen customers taking advantage of this opportunity and wiping the handles of their shopping cart before shopping. This is good. I also have observed “Handy Wipes” in the Bottle Return area. After depositing your bottles, you can wash your hands and continue shopping if needed. This is a great idea. I definitely like it, because I do return bottles. I am not ashamed to do so either. That just means more money in my pocket.

This also brings to my remembrance a place where I worked previously. When this one particular employee came in to work second shift, he would spray the phone handles with Lysol Spray. He did this because several of us shared the phone. We did not have our own individual phone. In addition, he was aware that there were those that came to work with colds.

Have you seen several sanitizers available for patients in the doctor’s office? I think this is great. I have gotten into the habit of keeping a sanitizer in my purse or in my pocket. Believe me I use it too.

I have made sure that when I attend school field trips, I keep sanitizer with me. It does come in handy.

Many times people do not think about the importance of washing your hands. Although there are no guarantees that you will not catch the Noro virus, you can do preventative maintenance by keeping your hands clean. What do you think?






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