He Ain’t Kevy He’s My Brother

Growing up unscathed by the angry relative. Others don’t.

Not carrying the burden of fear, worry or anxiety. Folks strolling along
not seeming to mind at all.

He not realizing how the precious freedom of anonymity
does hold the liberty from all judgement and emotional trauma.

Has great faith in the angels, not secretly questioning them.
His sister in her familiarity of him declines the inquest.

Kevy’s girlfriend despises
his sister, lacking any sound reason,
in a sickenly sweet manner, while he taking no observation and
sister keeping mum.

His sister now preparing him lunch per his request,
he frets deploring the cuisine not nearly
gooey enough,she shrugs the comment away
knowing no harm is meant. Besides, he
craves for more.

So good at math is he and financially aware
although not angering at the prospect of greed.

His knowledge ot geographical direction so phenomenal
and traveling the country getting robbed and maced
still savoring his trust. His sister tries to warn him to
no avail, now he shrugs her comment away, mysteriously
knowing no other bad happenings. He raises a fuss when
the hall light shines on, while sleeping in a comfortable
and darkened room.

He knowing the concept of love and not feeling
the pangs of grief.

He knows the true meaning behind Christmas.
Watching him there, opening gifts without a bother
when another receives a more lucrative one
in all their glory understandably boasting about their bounty.
He in turn shaking their hand.

Gets ill, but is going to be 100 percent.
Goes to sleep now dreaming of that beautiful
faith in eternity and like any other night
looks forward to waking up the very next day.

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