Health Benefits of Body Brushing

Body brushing is a way to detox the body through the skin. Brushing improves the skin tone, and it is also responsible for the removal of toxins and dead skin. Brushing adds to your body’s internal health and well-being.


The skin is the largest and most important organ for elimination in the body. It eliminates over 1 pound of waste acids each day, as reported on the website There are many organs that deal with detoxification, and skin brushing deals with eliminating toxins from the skin. It provides an internal massage, which stimulates other organs to detox.

Brush Type and Care

Use a brush with natural fiber bristles. Using a brush with a long handle allows you to reach all areas of your body comfortably. Many brushes come with a removable head and a strap for your hand when brushing areas that are easy to reach. The brush should be washed with soap and water at least one time per week and sun dried to prevent mildew.

Brushing Routine

Brush your skin once a day first thing in the morning before your shower or bath. A thorough brushing should take approximately 15 minutes. An extra brushing can give you a lift after a stressful day. Finish up your brushing with a hot shower followed by a cool rinse.


Dry brushing the skin can assist in soothing dry skin and an easy method for exfoliating the skin. While keeping the skin healthy and detoxed you will keep the lymph system healthy. It is a pleasurable experience that stimulates skin renewal while constantly shedding old skin.

Importance of Detoxing

Dry brushing stimulates the immune system and accelerates the clearing out of toxins. The lymph vessels are stimulated to drain mucous into the detoxifying organs, which in turn purify the entire system. Thorough lymph detoxing will take three months for optimal results. Brushing also supports the immune system during illness.

Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is a toxic deposit of subcutaneous fat and tissue that are not eliminated, leaving an unattractive dimpling effect on the skin. These deposits generally appear on the thighs and hips of women. Dry brushing the cellulite area twice a day will eliminate it in approximately three months, as reported on

Miscellaneous Benefits

Dry body brushing stimulates the hormone and endocrine system, circulation and improves the nervous system. It also aids in digestion and can tighten the skin and tone muscles.

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