Healthline Shows How Regular Sex Can Help People Live Longer and Healthier Lives

Elijah Wolfson writes in a recent post on Healthline that regular sex, in addition to helping with mood, can also provide healthful benefits that help people live longer. Wolfson is not alone of course in his opinion; doctors have known for years that regular sex is good for people. It’s just as more research is done more benefits come to light.

The first benefit, Wolfson says, is that regular sex helps people fight off diseases such as colds and flu. He cites recent research that actually proves it. Regular sex bolsters the immune system and keeps people feeling good.

Another much more obvious benefit is that regular sex burns calories which tends to cause people to lose weight (or helps aid in keeping it off in the first place). In addition, it can also be a catalyst for those who wish to look better for a partner. Either way, the closer people are to their optimum weight, the longer they tend to live. Related to losing weight is the benefit people get from exercising their heart, which reduces heart disease. Regular sex does just that.

Wolfson also writes that regular sex tends to lead to good hormone levels, which he says helps regulate mood, menstrual cycles and menopause symptoms.

Something that may surprise many people is the research that has been done lately that shows that sex, regular or not, helps alleviate pain, including headaches. This is because the body produces oxytocin before, during and after sex, and most of us know what that feels like. Along with that, regular sex also reduces over-all stress and thus helps people avoid hypertension, which we all know can lead to heart disease and strokes.

For men, Woflson says that regular sex has also been shown to lower the risk for developing prostate cancer. He also says studies have shown that it also reduces the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer.

And if all that isn’t enough, he cites studies that show that regular sex can improve self-esteem, reduce the chances of pregnant women developing preeclampsia and help with bladder control. And oddly enough, one study has shown that it also improves people’s sense of smell.

The whole point here of course is to highlight the fact that regular sex, for both men and women; is a means for improving health and thus living longer; a way to live more enriched lives, and a means by which people can take advantage of better health by being physically well enough to engage in a regular sex life.

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