Healthy Drinks Chosen by “Healthy Fitness Food Awards.”

Since we have become a nation that obsessed with our health, knowing which drinks are lower in calories will help. Those of us who have passed middle age have found it harder to lose than when we were half our age. I am among those who are in the midst of our lives wishing we had started at a younger age. The younger generation has gotten one up on us. They have become more aware at a young age how important it is to take care of our bodies. I wish we had understood the importance of what we ate, and the importance of exercise twenty five years ago.

It takes up less time than you think to rack up those calories each day. It is a good idea to keep a list of what you are eating each day. It makes a big difference in what you eat and drink, as you gradually notice the things that you could have done without. Also we can sometimes see the things that we did not really need. Try to remember when you had that and pay attention to see that you are not eating out of boredom or frustration.

To help you out in your quest to stay fit, I have a small list of healthy drinks, according to the Healthy Fitness Food Awards, the “most healthy.” Believe it or not; what we drink can really add many calories to our diet. It is important to drink something that is healthy and not just sugar and empty calories. Many people drink out of habit or just because they like what they are drinking. Especially to those who drink 3-4 colas a day.

First of all , we have V8 Fusion Raspberry Green tea. Chocked full of many tasty fruits and vegetables, this one could easily replace a light snack for less calories. With only 50 calories this is definitely a winner.

Next we have Izzy Esque Raspberry Sparkling Black drink. This drink is full of fruits and made to be fizzy to give it a little pzazz. Another snack drink for only 50 calories per bottle.

Number three is Odwalla Red Rhapsody Super food drink. This drink is packed full of fruit, such as strawberry, Raspberries, pomegranates and more. It is still a good choice for 150 calories.

If you are looking for the lowest sodium, number four is for you. Motts Garden Blend is loaded with vegetables and comes in a bottle with 2 servings of 8 oz. for 50 calories a piece. This would be a wonderful addition to your lunch.

And last is my favorite, vitamin water. The best brand is Zero Rhythm. This drink has potassium included to help hydrate one who is outside in the heat. Anyone can benefit from this drink but it is recommended for its’ health benefits. It comes in a bottle and is only 8 calories. If you are a water lover as I am, this will be your favorite.

There are so many more wonderful drinks or smoothies that are healthy and low calorie, so if these award winners are not “your cup of tea,” shop around. Remember to check the labels for low sodium and low calorie.

Source: Patricia Burke

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