Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids

Health-conscious parents know that eating hoards of candy at Halloween time isn’t good for their kids, but worry that their children with miss out on all the Halloween fun without the traditional Halloween party. Fortunately, Halloween parties don’t need candy as their central theme. Try making healthy Halloween themed foods that kids enjoy to cut down on the sugar consumed during the festivities.

Jack-o-Lantern Pizza

Let kids make their own Jack-o-Lantern pizzas from English muffins and an assortment of toppings. Think olives slices for eyes, shredded cheese hair, green or red pepper lips and triangles of pepperoni for the nose. If Jack-o-Lanterns are a bit too tame for your group, consider monsters or witches and provide bits of cream cheese or ricotta to create a gooey scar or zits filled with disgusting pus.

Monster Sandwiches

Trim slices of bread in the shape of a head and let little ones loose with a host ingredients to make their monster sandwiches. Consider shredded cheese, lean meats, shredded carrots, pepper slices and bit of broccoli to make nasty boils. For added fun, make it a monster contest and let everyone vote on the most original monster.

Witch’s Brew

Halloween drinks don’t need a lot of sugar to make a big hit. Mix your favorite juice and add a few drops of green food coloring to concoct a disgusting hue of green or brown.A a gummy worm dangling from the edge of the glass and add blended fruit to give it a little texture. Serve in Halloween glasses with a big straw.

Hag’s Teeth

For the younger crowd, or a classroom party, Hag’s Teeth are quick and easy to make. Core red apples and slice into wedges. Spread one apple slice with peanut butter and press to the two together to form a set of lips. Add a few raisins tucked into the mouth as rotten teeth.

Crunchy Fingers

What could more appealing for a Halloween treat that eerie orange fingers protruding from a bowl. Fill a bowl of your favorite healthy dip recipe. Prepare four medium carrots and one small carrot by peeling and slicing the tip at an angle. Place a dab of dip on the back of a sliced almond and press it in press on the tip of the fingers. Insert the fingers and thumb into the bowl of dip. Serve with baby carrots for dipping.

Celebrate Halloween in style-minus the excess sugar-by turning ordinary foods into a Halloween treat. Think eyeballs (grapes, olives), guts (spaghetti) and bloody goo (dips with red food coloring), as you select foods your children enjoy to make Halloween a special occasion you can feel good about.

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