Heaven is Gone

they watch from up high,
perched, standing on clouds,
looking down from above,
full of love, hope and proud,
they look with amazement,
their wings, pearl white and spread,
perfect in every way,
golden crowns on their heads,
since the beginning of time,
they witnessed all and more,
they felt the heartache that comes with,
evil destruction and war,
but that didn’t phase them,
they stood strong and true,
what dropped them to their knees,
was me losing you,
they sadness they felt,
turned all the sky black,
the clouds they knelt on,
began to crumble and crack,
they reached out as one,
begging you to stop,
silent, screams of desperation,
they felt deep in their heart,
their cries turned to thunder,
their tears turned to rain,
winds howled across the earth,
entwined with their pain,
their crowns turned to dust,
their wings fell away,
they begged and they pleaded,
but you didn’t stay,
they knew the love we shared,
they know with you i belong,
but we are apart,
and now heaven is gone.

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