Heidi Klum Joins Celebrity Perfume Club – Which Celebrities Are Getting Smelly This Holiday Season?

Heidi Klum has it all – a flock of adorable kids, a rock star husband, and a growing fashion empire. Now the supermodel mom has one more thing to add to her credits – a celebrity inspired scent!

The “Project Runway” host introduced the world to her new perfume, “Shine”, at a special event in Canada. While the scent was the news of the day, it was the bright red three piece suit that just so happened to be cut down to her navel that really got tongues wagging.

With her latest entrepreneurial foray into the popular celebrity scent marketplace, the mom-of-four joins a growing collection of stars slapping their name onto a perfume. Everyone from Britney Spears to the Kardashians have all been busy selling the celebrity dream via their personally developed scents that are designed to help us all get a little piece of the A-list lifestyle.

Here’s a look at a few of the celebrities that have sold the celebrity dream with their own fabulous scents:

Britney Spears: There marriage is a dim memory, but we still get to see the poptart chasing around her former husband, Kevin Federline, in the commercial for her perfume “Fantasy”. The one area of her career where Brit has remained a sure fire hit has been with her perfumes with a full collection to her credit including: “Curious”, “Believe”, and “Circus”. To date, she is the reigning queen of celebrity fragrances having sold more than $1.5 billion in sales around the world since her first scent hit the market in 2004.

Jennifer Lopez: In addition to her duties as an “American Idol” judge and major recording star, Jennifer Lopez has become a mogul in the fragrance marketplace. Her first scent, “Glow by J. Lo”, hit markets in 2002 and was an instant hit. A whole string of smelly hits would soon following including: “Still”, “Live by Jennifer Lopez”, “Miami Glow”, “Love at First Glow by J. Lo”, “Live Luxe”, “Glow After Dark”, and “My Glow”.

The Kardashians: The clan that reigns across reality television also has a major foothold in the fragrance market. Long before her doomed marriage, Kim was the perfume industry’s golden girl with the release of her self-named fragrance in 2009. She would go on to try to expand her perfume empire with the release of “Gold by Kim Kardashian” in 2011. Mama Kris would never be satisfied with just one Kardashian having a scent on the shelves, so the happily wed Khloe and husband Lamar Odom released their own scent, “Unbreakable”, in 2011.

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