Hello, Hello

Hello, Hello, can you see me? Here we are on a date and your checking the waitress out.

Hello, Hello, I know you can see me at least I think so.

Am I that big that now I am invincible?

Does my cellulite disgust you?

Hello, I’m here can you see me?

I am wearing my favorite black dress the one my best friend got me because it makes me look thinner.

Hello, Hello I am crying because you are seeing right through as if I am not even here.

I AM HERE all 230 pounds of me. Yeah with my rolls of fat, and my dimpled cheeks.

I deserve to be heard too. I deserved to be seen. This fat is my armour against men like you. Who only see the pretty little things and girls like me we fade into the background.

Hello, hello, I am leaving the question is will you notice? Hello?

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