Herman Cain; Does He Have What it Takes to Win?

The republican race for the presidency brings more than the normal expectations this time around. Not only do we have the expectation of a fresh new leader and with last time the prospect of finally breaking the color barrier in the White House, but now America may finally prove they have grown past color (when it comes to politics). In the fact that for the second time it looks like a serious contender for the White House is black (or African American, or person of color if you prefer) and I am not speaking of Obama.
In fact if the election were held today it might be like the Williams sisters at the finals at Wimbledon, a guarantee that the next president would be black (or negro if you are a fifties dullard).

Could it be that the American suffix is finally more important these days than any other prefix consideration? (One can only hope).

Cain with his recent surge in positive public opinion polls and a new republican debate tonight, looks to leap forward and replace Mitt Romney as the republican’s number one man, but is Cain the “real deal” does he have what it takes to win?

Well Cain is coming on strong not only in the polls but he is also reaching his stride in regards to respect from fellow republicans and even some democrats have a positive opinion of the straight talking Georgian.

Even with Romney’s recent and timely endorsement by Chris (I will not run)Christie, Cain may still prove a formidable opponent for Mitt and the rest of the pack after the hoopla has faded from the endorsement and Romney’s bounce comes back down to earth. But why is Cain; (a veritable nobody in the first debate), enjoying such attention now?

Why?, because Cain is not talking just politics he is also talking solutions, in a way only a successful business man of his caliber can, and that is truly needed now in this America. He is not mincing his words though, but shooting straight and offering solutions not just rhetoric of all the runners he has a real plan,whether you like it or not it is there.

He can do this because he is the “real deal” when it comes to business; he has helped some of America’s largest companies grow their bottom line, among them Pillsbury’s Burger King and Godfathers Pizza.

He is ready to run America like a business and it is about time someone did.

Very well educated; and though his only weakness if any may be foreign policy, he is ripe with an incredible gift of gab which is the hallmark of any great orator.

A son of the south, (Atlanta) and political outsider, his roots are firmly steeped in his family and his religion.

Valuing on the content of character not the color of skin, could that dream be finally here? Could we now have a chance at true equality of representation? Time will tell if he can win and if he does not it does not say America is any further away or closer to that mark but if he does win we can finally put away those prejudices or excuses.

And yes, Cain is the real deal, and now after pushing past the front runners he is ready to do battle, and as long as he sticks to those firm roots he will enjoy great success and maybe even the White house.

It is for this reason alone that I will have to disagree with those who have predicted another shootout between Romney and Perry. It may just happen that way but Romney and Perry are far too smart to use all their weapons on each other when there is a man as smart as Cain around in striking distance of the nomination.

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