His Infinite Love

There’s been a lot of troubles happening lately.
there are also several chances to meet up and spend
time with HIM in HIS home, but disregarded.
That is why I dedicate this to HIM.

He gave me the ability to WRITE.
Now – I’ve decided to start showing and telling
the world how much He changed my life, the direction
of my dreams and the flow of my thinking.

I want to tell the world that He is real,
He exist – in our hearts – and in reality.
I want to show the world I’m strong with HIM.
I want to be known as a writer,
and that I’ am–HIS WRITER!
I want to tell you that my skills are HIS.
I want to be His humble and faithful servant.
And I will write all HIS greatness,
manifested by in HIS greatest gift – my LIFE.

I’ am a sinner.
I’ am lost.
I’ am not worthy for the trade
of His own life to that cross.

But He found me.
And when I needed Him,
He stood there if I’ am not able.
He showered me with Love
and overwhelms me with His presence.
I’ve never felt alone because he is there,
and He talks to me in various and truly

He calls me by my name.
And HIS voice obliterates
every pieces of my imperfections.
He overthrows my sadness and
forge in me, a happy feeling.
He lit my darkened room with peace,
He expanded my knowledge and wisdom.
He taught me things that many do not.

He is Jesus.
My God and savior.
One who knows me more than anyone else.
One worthy to be called “LORD!”
my “BEST” friend – my FATHER.

He who calms the storms in my spirit.
He who leads my troubled mind into serenity.
He who exceeds everything that I know of.
He who rescued my soul from the dark valleys of
Pride, Fear, and Misery.
All praises to HIM.

He wanted you… to write about HIM too.

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