History of the Internet

The introduction of computers to the global economy is one of the most beneficial advancements of our era. Like other technologies such as cars, it make our lives incredibly convenient, while disregarding the activity our ancestors once got received by walking, or in this case writing by hand. Some might suggest people might be becoming disconnected from reality and because of computers. Disconnection from society by the populace lies in the internet and its repercussions, and not necessarily computers themselves or supreme artificial intelligence. Discovering what relying on the internet for social interaction means is very important. This will be demonstrated through specific instances when the internet is both beneficial and negative towards social interaction.

When a person referencing computers asks the question— “Are they causing society as a whole to become alienated?” one wonders what that specifically means. Intrapersonal communication is what is being destroyed by the internet. Computers that control the traffic signals don’t cause people to become alienated from one another. Even internet applications that do accounting problems don’t really cause alienation. This is because they don’t involve intrapersonal communication. The least efficient form of intrapersonal communication is instant messenger programs in general.

The only thing that is more overused than cell phones for unimportant conversation is the use of instant messaging. Based on personal circumstantial evidence, one could find many youths and now young adults replacing walking over to talk by delivering an instant message. This follows the same theory as driving to get a haircut when it is only a block away. One can never underestimate the power of a person’s voice and mannerisms; all part of a person’s personality. But Facebook connects a face, and a face is important.

Facebook is an internet project made by a student at Harvard that gives students a chance to add friends from different colleges or your own. Some argue that it is one big popularity contest. A refutation to this is that one does not have to add friends or be added if they do not want to be. The overall summation is that it connects you to people that you haven’t seen in years because they moved away or went to a different college.

When assessing a cost-benefit ratio to the internet, it appears that it is more beneficial for business and Facebook and less for instant messaging. However, the benefit of many things, such as doughnuts, is the pleasure in moderation.

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