Holiday Craft Ideas: Burlap Wrapped Candlescape Centerpiece

Burlap always makes for a fun and inexpensive rustic holiday decoration element. These burlap wrapped candlescape centerpieces not only look so pretty when they are finished, they are incredibly easy to create.

For this project, you will need:

Three to five tall cylinder clear glass vases (available at local craft supply shops and/or online) Soap and water Paper towels Burlap fabric Scissors One inch wide red satin ribbon Whole coffee beans Cream or white colored votive candles Hot glue gun with glue sticks Newspaper and/or a large sized drop cloth

To begin, cover the area in which you will be creating this candlescape with a few sheets of excess newspaper and/or a large drop cloth. Wash each of the three to five cylinder vases with hot soapy water. Rinse them well and wipe down the entire inside and out with paper towels. Turn the tall vases upside down to continue to let the moisture dissipate from the glass.

Cut several two to three foot long pieces of burlap fabric with scissors. Heat up the hot glue gun. Apply a thin line of glue around the edges of the burlap and immediately wrap it around the glass vase. How you wrap the fabric around the vase is entirely up to you, whether you choose a casual haphazard design or a wrinkle free style. Let the glue cool fully. Repeat this step for each of the remaining vases.

Cut one length of one inch wide red satin ribbon for each vase. Wrap the satin around the vase, over the burlap, and secure it with a bow. Fill each of the vases up with whole coffee beans for filler. Insert a cream or white colored votive candle into the top of the vase, nestled in the beans. Arrange the centerpieces in a line or grouping on the center of your holiday table and light the candles.

TIP: If the look of the whole brown coffee beans is a little too rustic for you, paint them! Lay the beans out flat on an old cookie sheet designated for crafting. Spray an even layer of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint, Krylon Premium Metallic Paint, or any other form of spray paint you wish over the beans. Dry completely and then use a spatula to turn them over. Paint the opposite sides of the beans. Make sure the pain is completely dry before inserting the beans into the centerpiece.

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