Holiday Gift Guide- Board Games

Kids these days seem to have all of the latest and greatest electronic gadgets and so families often find that the kids aren’t connected to the rest of the family. Each child in a family can be in their own rooms playing their own game and not socializing with the rest of the family. The holiday season is a time that we are reminded of how important family time can be, so it is the perfect time to give a gift that will allow the family a chance to get together and spend some quality time together. Families sitting around a table playing board games seems so outdated, but with the games suggested here the family will be planning ahead as to when the next game night will be.

Yahtzee is a game that everyone knows how to play and is a game that kids of all ages can usually play , although younger kids might need a little help. With a new twist to it, Yahtzee Flash is a classic game made over into an electronic game. This game is fast paced and has players lining up the dice tiles and shuffling and sliding them until they roll a full house or the combination that they need. Yahtzee Flash is available at most retailers and averages in the $30 range. Great family fun!

Another game that involves dice that is sure to bring plenty of laughter and fun to a home is a special Hallmark game, Lumps. This game is a fast paced game that allows players to roll lumps of coal ( the dice) in order to score the most points in three roles. Players must make quick decisions as to what they will hold and what they will risk by rolling again. This game comes in a stocking package and averages $8 in select Hallmark stores and can also be purchased online at .

For the art loving family or the future artist, the game of Sketch It s perfect. This party game requires the artist to draw as quickly as possible but the other players must be able to tell what the drawing is. Points are given for correct guesses so to score the drawings must be legible. Unless you have a large family, this game might not be the best choice, but if you host holiday parties this can be a lot of fun. Sketch It sells for $19.99 at Mass Ave Toys.

For the family who loves typical board game action, Be A Broadway Star, is the perfect game. This game allows players to find their place in the spotlight. Players will have to attend acting school, find an agent, go to auditions and much more in order to show off their talent and sing and dance their way into the spotlight. Plenty of fun to be found on this board and families will love the laughter that it brings in the door. Priced at about $40 and found at this website , families are sure to be buying this game this season.

The game, Gotcha! Makes it cool to be a snitch! With Gotcha, players race to hit the buzzer when they see someone breaking a rule. Your goal as a player is to remember to follow the rules yourself while trying to find others who are not following the rules. Fun and plenty of laughter will be on score with this game found at Target and Amazon . Priced at $27.99, it is affordable fun for the entire family.

Family fun can be found if time is set aside and the kids are reminded what fun it can be to play games together. Board games are a perfect place to start. Pair game night with some snacks that everyone likes and the family is sure to enjoy a great evening together.

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