Holiday Gift Guide: Footzyrolls Foldable Shoes $20

Footzyrolls are super comfy, bendable, rollable, foldable shoes that come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Footzyrolls are perfect for the times when you need a comfortable shoe like driving, traveling, working, while you’re out on the town or even just for around the house.

Each shoe comes with a beautiful box or, new cylinder packaging, a beautiful shoe bag for your heels, and a drawstring pouch to put your Footzyrolls into when you need to slip them into a small bag. Footzyrolls have been spotted on dozens of celebs like Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks and Maria Shriver and were even featured in O Magazine.

What people (like me) are saying:

This is such a fantastic idea! Don’t get me wrong I love my Stilettos (the higher, the better) but after hours of wearing them my feet hurt. I really love my Footzyrolls and have used them too many times to count. I like to wear them in the car (then I change into my heels when needed), in between photo shoots (because there is usually some waiting or moving another location) and even around the house. I love th little pouch that comes with the shoes. It makes the Footzyrolls really easy to transport and you can just toss them in your bag or purse so you have them when you need them. I really want to try the Footzyflops (foldable flip-flops) and the Footzysocks (fur-cuffed socks).

Buy It

Footzyrolls start at just $20 and are available at Footzyrolls make a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer for mom, daughter, girlfriend, grandma, aunt, coworkers or neighbors.

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