Holidays and Building American Businesses

There is a patriotic movement at the grass roots level across America this holiday season. As our government remains in paralysis about what to do with themselves the American people will try to give direction to our leaders by way of action not words. Clearly, there is a way to rebuild the infrastructure of our country. Taking small steps at first we can walk with a full stride in the near future. The process will center on how you spend your hard earned money this holiday season. Emphasis on hard earned because many people, especially over the age of 50, are now working jobs that pay $9.00 an hour since being part of the recent downsizing that sent jobs overseas. Now those factories in China and India are gearing up and freight companies are already bringing over the mass quantities of cheap gifts to flood American department stores for the holidays. You know it’s true, just keep reading.

Here is a list of ideas for holiday gifts that will engage American businesses and support our communities. Gift certificates are a meaningful method of converting your thoughtfulness into a valuable considerate gift. Print out the list and put it in your purse or wallet for reference. One last point to remember is that your support of the small businesses in your area will not be reflected in the sales of major stores reflected in the news media. Americans do work at these stores too. Remember the old saying is to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

American business gift certificates can include a Veterinarian gift certificate, Dry Cleaning gift certificate, Car Wash certificate, Barber Shop certificate, Beauty Salon certificate for pedicures, manicures, or massages, locally owned book store certificate, 30-60 or 90 day lawn care service, one month snow removal from the drive or walkway, Chimney Sweep gift certificate, Pet Supplies gift certificates, Oil Change gift certificate, Air Duct Cleaning gift certificate, fireplace wood gift certificate, bowling gift certificate, golf gift certificate, Ice Cream Parlor gift certificate, Local Bakery gift certificate, 30-60 or 90 day yoga membership, Landscape cleanup gift certificate, Boat Detailing gift certificate, Canvas Repair Shop gift certificate, Automotive tune up gift certificate, and American made beauty supply products.

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