Holistic Therapy as an Option

Holistic, or whole person, medicine treats all bodily functions as one unit. Holistic medicine has many options available to the individual for treatment. Herbalism is a very popular form of holistic therapy. Other natural therapies involve the use of water, vitamins and lifestyle changes. Physical therapies such as massage and acupressure are also considered holistic. Most holistic therapies can be done with little or no risk if done correctly. Most treatments are simpe and are relatively inexpensive and some are completely free once you have been shown the correct method of therapy. Some holistic therapies can be done in the privacy of your home while others do require a professional practitioner to aid you in your treatment.

Holistic practitioners believe that the interaction of the body and mind is the only way good health can be achieved. They will recommend the proper treatment of both the emotional and physical symptoms must be a part of the therapy. Holistic therapy involves focusing and changing your eating habits, managing your stress levels and learning to cope with any underlying emotional issues that may be causing your pysical symptoms.

When your holistic practitioner makes a diagnosis they will delve thoroughly into your life. They will check your overall immediate physical symptoms of your illness but also your overall health and physical well-being, your personality traits, behavior, lifestyle and your emotional state, too.

Many therapies can be traced back to ancient healing traditions while other methods have been developed and perfected over time. Herbal remedies and acupuncture can be traced back thousands of years while homeopathy and osteopathy are more recent developments in natural therapies. Rolfing, zone therapy and reflexology are modern techniques of the massage and reflex zone treatments used by ancient Eyptians, Chinese and the Indians.

Regardless of where the natural technique originated from it should assist the whole body in healing itself and alleviating any symptoms in a way of promoting your body in total harmony.

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