Hollie’s Christmas Chocolate

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Hollie. She wanted to surprise her mom at Christmas by getting her a special box of chocolate. Her mother loved that kind of chocolate and Hollie wanted to get it for her mom because of everything her mom does for her. She worked hard making a little money here and there but she did not know if she would get enough before Christmas to buy the Chocolate.

Hollie would pray to the Lord that he would help her obtain her goal so she could reward her mother. She would help neighbors get their Christmas decorations put up, walk the dogs of the neighborhood, and help others carry in their groceries. She needed $10 to purchase the candy but she only had $5 and Christmas was a week away. Her mother said she only wanted Hollie bright eyed and bushy tailed for church on Christmas and that would be her Christmas present to her mom. She already knew she was doing that so it did not make her feel better that she could not buy her mom the chocolate.

The next day Hollie was skipping on the sidewalk and she saw something sticking out of a bush next to the street. She decided to go investigate the object sticking out of the bush. It was a wallet and she opened it and saw it had lots of money in it. She looked around to see if someone was looking and they were not. She put the wallet in her pocket and started thinking that she could buy the chocolate with no problem now but she knew that was wrong. While she was walking down the block looking for a job to earn the $5 she passed the police headquarters. She decided to go in and let them look at the wallet.

While she was there a man comes rushing in the door waving his arms in a panic. Apparently he was driving down my street with his window opened and hit a bump that caused his wallet to fly out the window. He had put his wallet on the dash because he had directions in them that he needed. The clerk asked his name and proceeded to tell him I had found the wallet and just brought it in so they could find the owner of the wallet. The man smiled and counted the money. He looked at me and handed me a $5 bill and wanted me to come to his car to get something. When I went to the car he handed me a big box of the chocolate that I wanted for my mom. Turns out he owned the chocolate company; what a turn of events for me, I made $10 and got the biggest box of chocolates for my mom.

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