Studying the craft of Acting is the essential ingredient for any person who wants to be taken seriously. Many of Hollywood’s successful coaches are enjoying the freedom of virtual instruction and new opportunities to interact with students from around the world. Beverly Leech of “Actor Muscle” is one such teacher and of the most sought after acting coaches in Hollywood. Ms. Leech’s range in students runs the gamut from young celebs to new talent and is now among a new wave of coaches offering first rate, professional training without the massive expense of traveling or moving to New York or Los Angeles. Young actors can gain a foothold in Hollywood and sharp advantages by including e-instruction with Hollywood coaches such as Beverly Leech. Driven, young actors can be in the know with current industry standards that can open doors with casting. They can start developing their technique on a higher level, build resume credits and a reputation. The old wisdom is “bloom where you’re planted”, so start where you are. “Social media isn’t the future, it’s now. So, I’m embracing the challenge.”

Having trained with such Masters as Stella Adler and 30 years of professional experience as an actor, Ms. Leech reveals that many aspects of the craft and technique of Acting are perfectly suited for internet/Skype sessions, especially for the television, film and commercial format. Producers and Directors frequently cast from tape and Ad companies use live feed from New York when casting in L.A. to finalize choices for big campaigns such as Coca-Cola or State Farm. You never see them, only the camera. Beverly Leech currently conducts her private e-lessons via Skype, which is free to download and it allows the teacher and student the ability to see each other. PayPal allows the perfect solution for payment of services. Running the business is electronic, but the craft still comes from the gut.

” Acting is acting is acting,” says Ms. Leech “The techniques of shifting your energy and focus for each medium of course changes, but the artistic content that technique develops must remain compelling, human and believable. I work hard. I work fast. I work deep.”

As for her mantle, “Actor Muscle” was a phrase Beverly Leech started using about 12 years ago, when she was teaching at The Stella Adler Academy in Hollywood. She considers it the best way to describe the process of learning an Actor’s craft. ‘Actor Muscle’ has to do with developing your talent in stages towards inner strength, beauty, even deadly intent and the ability to call it up when you need it, when you want it. “To be in the entertainment industry, young actors learn that much is required and excellence is always expected. But there are NO shortcuts. If you’re naturally athletic and fit, and love to run, one of your ambitions might be to run a 16 mile marathon and go the distance.” says Ms. Leech. “So you know you’re going to have to train, but you’re not going to start out by running 16 miles. Instead, you build up your endurance, stamina and muscles, conditioning to run 16 miles, little by little, increasing lengths and strides. Likewise, for beginning actors, they can’t begin their trade by memorizing words and auditioning for lead roles. You need flexibility and strength – that needs muscle. You can do anything you set your mind to do, but you have to have the proper training to keep you in the game. Anyone can start a race, very few can finish.”

Ms. Leech considers teaching online for film and television no different from the sessions she teaches in-person, “I remain vigilant regarding script breakdown and character analysis – 2 major blessings I received from my teacher, Stella Adler. “I also worked for 10 years as a theatre rat and have been on every type of stage from black box to the Virginia Theatre on Broadway. “

Students of Beverly Leech reside in such areas as Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, even Italy. Recently due to the influx of film and television work in Louisiana, Ms. Leech has taken on new clients based in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Additionally, Ms. Leech is well tuned to the requirements of URTA and League Auditions, all held out-of-state. She is able to consult, even coach, for the young students on a college track.

For more information on Beverly Leech and the ACTOR MUSCLE program visit http://actormuscle.com

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