Homemade Glitter Beauty Products

If you love glitter (like I do) then you are willing to pay the extra bucks to have glitter beauty products in your collection. But why do this when you can customize your glitter obsession and save money at the same time by making your own homemade beauty products? Don’t know how? It’s super easy! Make your own homemade beauty poducts with glitter, quick and easy, without breaking the bank! No craftiness required!

All you need to create your own glitter beauty products is a loose body glitter or eyeshadow glitter (which you can buy for less than $5 at Wal-Mart- I bought a baby blue Mary-Kate and Ashley one that works great). One container will do, but you can buy a few of them in varying colors (gold or silver make great starting colors if you are unsure what you would like, silver for fair skin and gold for darker skin) to really customize your look.

Make homemade hair gel or hairspray by sprinkling this loose powder (just a dash or 2) into your hair product bottle and shaking the bottle up to mix the glitter in. Voila! You have homemade glitter hair products! Do the same for any liquid or gel product you use frequently (like your body spray or perfume). Add glitter a dash at a time, and make sure to always shake before use. You can sprinkle the glitter in your nail polish as well, to add a sparkly hue.

Sprinkle some of the glitter on a clean surface or the palm of your hand, and dip your wet mascara wand in the glitter prior to applying your eye makeup (dark glitter, like purple, green, or blue are best for this) to give your eyes a boost. Dip your eyeliner in water to lightly moisten it and then dip the eyeliner in the glitter to line your eyes (the inside portions first- silver or pearl glitter really opens up the eyes). Sweep a super light dash of the glitter over your browbone or along your eyebrows to really create sheen, or dip a wet eyeshadow wand in the glitter before dipping in the eyeshadow itself.

If you have a gold glitter, then you can lightly dab it along your arms and neck to create a dewy look that bronzer might be too harsh with in the cooler months. However you choose to use glitter (hey, even dump it in your daily moisturizer for an all-day sheen!) you can have your glitter beauty products without breaking the bank! Just make them yourself- homemade is best!


how I use glitter in my makeup

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