Homemade Vanilla Bean Hand and Body Cream

In the wintertime, I like to keep my hands and body soft and silky with my simple homemade vanilla bean hand and body cream. It has a warming scent and protects my hands and body from the cold dry air so they do not become rough red and raw.

The natural ingredients I use to make my homemade vanilla bean hand and body cream are basic. They are 4 cups of vitamin E cream, 1 cup of aloe lotion, 10 drops of vanilla essential oil and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. All these ingredients are basic and can easily be found at any local grocery store and pharmaceutical store. Heck, even some salon shops carry these basic ingredients.

Now the way to make the homemade vanilla bean hand and body cream is simple to make. All you do is toss the ingredients into a medium sized mixing bowl and whisk them together by hand for a minute until you get a slightly thick and creamy white vanilla bean scented cream. Next, all you need to do is scoop the cream into a clean container or jar and place in the bathroom or wherever you think you will use it most. I always keep my jar in the bathroom because when I get out of the shower I like to massage the cream into my warm dampen skin because I feel it absorbs, nourishes and protects my skin better doing it that way.

The best way to use this homemade vanilla bean hand and body cream is by taking large scoops of it and massaging it into the skin from head to toe for several minutes until it absorbs. The cream does absorb fast if your skin is really dry so you might need to use extra cream on your body and hands if this is the case. If your skin is hydrated, you will not need as much cream and you will find a little bit of this cream goes along ways. Typically, the best times to apply the hand and body cream after a shower or bath and right before bedtime because they are the times your skin can use the extra hydration and nourishment. However, if you find your skin is really dry in the middle of the day go ahead and apply this homemade vanilla bean cream. It will definitely hydrate and soften up the dry itchy skin you do have while giving your skin a lovely light vanilla bean scent that is pleasing and calming to the senses.

Now all of you who try making this homemade vanilla bean hand and body cream have a simple time making it and an enjoyable time using it. I wish you all the best with keeping your hands and body pampered naturally throughout the winter months.



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