Household Budgeting: Women Hone Domestic Skills

Home canning (the preservation of food) is up 35%. Women are also learning how to sew and knit. Gloria Steinem must be shaking her head in disbelief at the thought of women emulating June Cleaver and grandma. Are women retreating from the mens world? Or, are women returning to the JOB of raising families in a healthy and economical way?

Canning and preserving food for health.

Many articles have been written on the link between processed foods and diseases. Making homemade meals can be more time consuming, but may be healthier. Childhood diabetes and obesity is on the rise and many moms are seeing the connection. Canning vegetables, fruits and even meat are excellent ways to guarantee exactly what is in the food being served.

Women learning old ways equals power and flexibility.

Women going back to domestic ways of running their homes is a sign of power. They are picking up where their grandmothers left off by learning canning, sewing and knitting skills. Homeschooling children is up 50% in the last few years. All of these skills were performed deftly by previous generations.

The Gloria Steinem generation convinced women that they were not doing jobs. Women were told they were being slaves to their families, and not getting paid for it. In lousy economic times, these newly learned old skills give women a bigger choice of where to spend money. They can cut corners by mending, canning, and growing a garden. They have the power and flexibility to fill their pantries and not depend on the government or stores in difficult times.

Where to learn how to can, sew, knit and garden.

The Internet, libraries and bookstores are full of how-to books, and the extension office nearest you is full of information. The best way is to find a grandmother or neighbor that has been using these skills for years. Whether canning, growing a garden or sewing, someone close to you is already doing it. Colleges are offering courses for some of these skills now.

Are conventional ways a step forward or backward?

Women who want no part of the old ways will think this is a step backwards. Young women, pioneers at heart, who want to take an active role in their families, will say it is a step forward. Many people are out of work and find these skills help them make ends meet. That is an exceptionally large step forward.

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